Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nubian Monasteries

Nubian Monasteries
This page aims at making information on Byzantine Nubia and Nubian monasteries in particular available to wider audience. It will present projects regarding Nubian monasticism but also Nubian culture in general from the times between Napata and Funj kingdoms.

Two years ago I've started a program aimed at synthesis on Nubian monasteries. Thanks to the hospitality of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago and generosity of the Foundation for Polish Science and de Brzezie Lanckoronski Foundation I lead a project carried out by a team of early career European scholars publishing the Qasr el-Wizz monastery. The monastery has been fully excavated by George Scanlon on behalf of the Oriental institute in 1965, yet only two preliminary reports in Journal of Egyptian Archaeology has been published. Our aim is to publish the entire material recovered at the site and made this exceptional collection available for the public...

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