Friday, July 13, 2018

ePSD2 Public Beta 1: The Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary

The Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary
Welcome to the new version of the electronic Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary, ePSD2. Here we provide listings of over 12,000 Sumerian words, phrases and names, occurring in almost 100,000 distinct forms a total of over 2.27 million times in the corpus of texts indexed for the Dictionary. The corpus covers, directly or indirectly, about 100,000 of the 134,000+ known Sumerian texts.
ePSD2 is organized as a glossary with a collection of subprojects providing the corpora. You can browse the subprojects and their individual glossaries, or you can work with the entire ePSD2 glossary and corpus by using the top-level ePSD2 project.
ePSD2 is a work in progress--see the What's Next? page for further details.
Here's a list of the things you can find here:

Glossaries and Tools


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