Friday, September 18, 2015

The George Ortiz Collection

 [First posted in AWOL 16 March 2013, updated 18 September 2015]

n. b.: This site is under re-construction. I retain the original text and links below, though the content is not available there. Several iterations of the website remain available at The Wayback Machine.

The George Ortiz Collection
Welcome to The George Ortiz Collection web site. For some 42 years I passionately and assiduously pursued works of art from Greece, as well as from some of its forerunners, Mesopotamia and Egypt, and its peripheral cultures spanning a period of time from the Neolithic to the Byzantine Empire; also sculptures from Africa, Pre-Columbian America and the Pacific. One day, as though I'd spent my life painting a huge fresco, it all came together, and I decided to share with the world. Visitors to the exhibitions of the Collection, whether young or old, and from all walks of life, seemed to perceive the essence of the different cultures represented and their interaction. 
For those who have seen one of the exhibitions, and especially for those who have not had the opportunity, this web site offers the full corpus of the Collection, with 20 key works presented in a 3-D format for your understanding and enjoyment. Fully-searchable catalogue entries are available for each object, as well as glossaries. Additionally, there are news about exhibitions and information about the printed versions of The George Ortiz Collection catalogue, the standard reference on the Collection. 

Unfortunately we cannot respond to all inquiries; but any comments you may have are deeply appreciated. 

May I express the hope that you will enjoy this site.
George Ortiz

Go to In Pursuit of the Absolute
(an introduction to the George Ortiz Collection)

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