Friday, September 18, 2015

Open Access Journal: Review of Biblical Literature (RBL)

n.b. on 5 January 2016 the Director of the SBL Press announced to SBL members that RBL will be accessible behind an SBL Members paywall beginning 6 January 2016.

[First posted in AWOL 23 October 2009. Updated 18 September 2015]

Review of Biblical Literature (RBL)
ISSN: 1099-0321 
The Review of Biblical Literature (RBL), founded by the Society of Biblical Literature, presents reviews of books in biblical studies and related fields. Appearing in this digital form and in print, RBL is comprehensive, international, and timely.
  • Comprehensive: RBL includes reviews of various topical studies, multi-author volumes, reference works, commentaries, dictionaries, bible translations, software, and other resources for the classroom and research. Multiple and contrasting reviews are often presented. The material reviewed and our reviewers come from varied academic, social, and religious perspectives.
  • International: RBL provides a forum for international scholarly exchange and cutting edge innovations with reviews of German, French, Italian, and English books as well as reviews in those languages. Our editorial board includes members from across the globe.
  • Timely: RBL produces reviews of the most recent titles in biblical studies, using the technology of the internet and allowing readers to stay current with the freshest trends in the field.
  • Authoritative: RBL reviews are written by the most qualified scholars available, whether a member of the SBL or the broader scholarly guild, and are vetted to ensure their quality by a highly regarded editorial board. 
Search Reviews

The RBL database, expanded weekly, contains over 8056 published reviews. This search engine will help you navigate through these reviews, do preliminary research on varied topics, and discover the most recent publications in the field.
The RBL database also contains 601 books available for review. To read more about the volunteer to review process click here.
For detailed directions on advanced searching techniques, see our Searching Tips and Techniques page.

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