Sunday, September 6, 2015

Announcement: Cuneiform Digital Library Preprints (CDLP)

Cuneiform Digital Library Preprints (CDLP)
CDLI is pleased to announce the launch of a new publications series hosted by the project, supplementing the CDLJ, CDLB and CDLN. The new Cuneiform Digital Library Preprints (CDLP) is available at <>.

We anticipate that these papers in their final form will eventually be available in journals (in some cases our own) or in edited volumes; or will, by authors' preference, remain unpublished in the formal sense, so that this may be a final venue for work that might otherwise remain unnoticed in the field.

Authors who are interested in submitting contributions to the CDLP should follow as much as possible the editorial policies of the larger journals CDLJ & CDLB; aside from the requirement of English, these guidelines would not be enforced in what is, after all, an informal means of communicating research in progress to a wider specialist and informal learner audience, where our primary interest would be in the quality of the research.

Significant and nearly complete, or dormant research papers are thus welcome, regardless of their length and scope. Authors should make their submissions in both originating text-processor/layout file, and in the PDF format in which it will be made available in CDLP.

International A4 or US-letter formats are both allowed. In most cases, if the submission is acceptable for distribution, we will merely add a lead page with reference to series, author and title of work; this page need not be considered in any pagination or table of contents that might be given in the body of the paper.

CDLP 1 is now available: Peter J. Huber, “On the Old Babylonian Understanding of Sumerian Grammar.”

We invite interested authors to make use of this series to communicate their research to a broader community in advance or in stead of undertaking the rigors of a peer-reviewed standard publication, and we hope the feedback that results from a paper’s dissemination through CDLP contributes to its ultimate impact.

A paper can be updated with a simple new submission by the author(s); to retain a sense of the history of research, we will list new versions one after the other with their new “Date posted.” We limit such updates to one (1) per calendar year following the initial posting. We will not retire CDLP entries that move on to formal publications; rather, we request that authors send us notice and citation of the publication, that will be entered to our list for easy reference.

The CDLP is under the editorial supervision of Bertrand Lafont, to whom queries and submissions should be directed (<>).

For the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative,
Bertrand Lafont, CNRS (Nanterre)

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