Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Open Access Text Corpus: Etruscan Texts Project

[First posted in AWOL  9 December 2009, most recently updated 5 September 2012]

n.b. (7 September 2012):  I received the following message in response to a query about current availability of ETP:

ETP has been down for some time in order to update the database and to deal with issues of security. We are also struggling with what to do about hosting the site. We have been using our own server, but UMass prefers that we host centrally. We hope to have the database online in early October if not earlier. In the meantime I can tell you that the second edition of Etruskische Texte is about to be published. Gerhard Meiser, one of Rix's most prominent students, is editor-in-chief. 

Etruscan Texts Project

Etruscan Texts Project (ETP) is an online editio minor of Etruscan inscriptions. When completed, the ETP database will include all Etruscan inscriptions that have been recovered and made public since 1990, the date at which Helmut Rix et al. Etruskische Texte (1991) went to press. The ETP Web site includes:
* A searchable online database of recently recovered Etruscan inscriptions.
* A guide that provides general information about the organization of the Web site, the structure of the database, and the conventions employed in the presentation of texts.

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  1. What kind of joke?

    Why not have access to the "ETP NEWS"?

  2. I'm not sure what part of it is a joke, but I have updated the entry for the ETP to reflect its current status.

  3. I do not understand the structure of the site. Please explain what I should do to see the Etruscan texts with their classification designation?

  4. See the note I added this morning to the entry above.

  5. I was able to read most of the available to me Etruscan inscriptions. The result of my work is the Etruscan dictionary, which includes more than a thousand words. Sixty percent of the words in a list of at least two times in different texts. With each new for me text me it gets easier and easier to read Etruscan and Rhaetian inscriptions. So looking forward to access. I apologize for the molestation.