Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lascivia Roma Crowdsourcing Project

Lascivia Roma Crowdsourcing Project
Find names of persons and places next to a member of the Latin semantic field of sexuality, annotate and lemmatize them, and tell us about their relationship with the member.

Available for annotation: 505 Sentences, 11 Words of the semantic field of Sexuality, 1012 Identified forms, 874 Potential Entities.
Understanding the sense of a word is a complicated task, especially in ancient languages, where the meaning of such words has been lost over the centuries and only a vague or ambiguous remaining sense is still known. Some of these words, such as lasciuus, a, um, appear to have had their meanings twisted in French translations (« enjoué, gai, pétulant, etc. ») as well as in English translations (petulant, sportive, playful in Lewis & Short on But its large use and context in Martial's Epigrammata drove us to think that its meaning has, after centuries of -perhaps- too much decency and propriety in translations, faded away. This is why we decided to create a way to collect more information about it and its companion in the lexical field of sexuality.

For this purpose, we designed Lasciva Roma. It will not only give us informations about lascivus, a, um but also on the semantic field of Sexuality and its context. It is by far the largest collection of data around this topic, driven by you.
Lasciva Roma is built on the Clotho project.
The Clotho project comprises two tools. The first one is based on python software, which enables the distant reading of the corpus and the export of its results. The other is a PHP platform which enables a team or a crowd to annotate and clean the results. Both are relatively easy to install and fully Open Source so new functionalities of wide application can be added.
  • Clotho Local (Python) Clotho Local will help you to find co-occurences, informations about context by using a nice command-line interface
  • Clotho Web (Php) Clotho Web will help you to process manually the results of Clotho Local

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