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Open Access Journal: Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica

[First posted in AWOL 8 March 2011. Updated 24 July 2014]

Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica
ISSN (print and/or electronic) 1224-2284
The journal Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica was established in 1983, at that moment as a volume dedicated to the memory of the reputed scholar from Iași, Nicolae Gostar. Though at the onset the journal was envisioned as a periodical, because of the financial and political difficulties of the era, its publishing only recommenced in 1995, having appeared regularly since then. 
Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica is edited by the Chair of Ancient History and Archaeology from the Faculty of History within the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, and publishes studies on the prehistory, ancient history and archaeology of, primarily, the South-eastern European area, but also of Europe and of the extra-European regions. After the first issue (1983), the journal underwent, as stated above, a steady evolution, to become one of the few Romanian publications with an up-to-date release schedule. The themes are varied, encompassing eras from prehistory to the Middle Ages and domains such as archaeology, prehistory, numismatics, epigraphy, anthropology, paleobotany, and paleofaunistics. 

Interdisciplinary studies enjoyed appreciable consideration during the last years, on account of the facilities available in the laboratories of the Chair of Ancient History and Archaeology.

Starting with 1990 the journal established international collaborations, out of which special mention should be made of those with scholars from Bari (Rodolfo Striccoli, Marcello Marin, Luigi Piacente, Domenico Lassandro). These collaborations were later intensified by the contributions of the researchers from the University of Foggia (Renzo Infante, Gilda Sansone, Maria Veronese, etc.) and from other foreign universities and institutes (Konstanz, Trier, Innsbruck, Paris, Besançon, Udine, Haifa, etc.).

In conclusion, the journal focuses on ancient history and archaeology and benefitted from the contributions of prestigious authors from Romania or abroad. Worthy of attention is that internationally-recognised scholars have accepted to be members of the editorial committee (Svend Hansen, Christoph Schaefer, Wolfgang Schuller, Martin Hose, etc.).

Coming Soon: International Journal of the Society of Iranian Archaeologists

International Journal of the Society of Iranian Archaeologists
Society of Iranian Archaeology (SOIA) is the sponsor of the International Journal of the Society of Iranian Archaeologists (IJSOIA). IJSOIA will be published biannually in English Language. Each volume includes articles related to Archaeology (Prehistoric, Historic and Islamic periods), Anthropology and relevant issues, covering everywhere with a Persian or Iranian Heritage, especially Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Asia Minor, the Caucasus and Northern India. Articles must be submitted electronically.

IJSOIA will be published biannually in English Language. Each volume includes articles related to Archaeology (Prehistoric, Historic and Islamic periods), Anthropology and relavant issues, covering everywhere with a Persian or Iranian Heritage, especially Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Asia Minor, the Caucasus and Northern India.

Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database

 [First posted in AWOL 30 December 2010, updated 30 December 2013]

Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database
Online version of the Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database, originally released in 1998 as a set of floppy disks.

Welcome to the online version of the Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database, originally released in 1998 as a set of floppy disks. We are pleased to make the database available in a much more accessible and user-friendly format, and free of charge, through the Dumbarton Oaks website. The database has two sections: the introduction which contains general information about the project, and bio- bibliographical introductions to each of the saints of the 8th–10th centuries included in the project; and the database itself which in turn is divided into three sections, the Saints' list, the Author' list, and the search citations. The Greek texts that we have been permitted to reproduce either in their entirety or in sections may be accessed through the Saints' list (entire texts) or search citations (partial texts). Please note that the interface for this database is under development.

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Open Access Journal: HERMES: Revista del Mundo Clásico (UAM)

HERMES: Revista del Mundo Clásico (UAM)
ISSN: 1989-7197
Hermes es una revista trimestral elaborada por alumnos y becarios del departamento de Filología Clásica de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Fundada en octubre de 2009, el objetivo de Hermes es que los estudiantes escriban reseñas y reportajes, realicen entrevistas y aporten una visión del mundo clásico muy ligada a la actualidad.

Open Access to early volumes of ZDPV

Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins

Open Access Journal: Palästinajahrbuch des Deutschen Evangelischen Instituts für Altertumswissenschaft des Heiligen Landes zu Jerusalem

Palästinajahrbuch des Deutschen Evangelischen Instituts für Altertumswissenschaft des Heiligen Landes zu Jerusalem
1. Jg. 1905 Internet Archive = Google-USA* 
2. Jg. 1906 Google-USA* 
3. Jg. 1907 Internet Archive = Google-USA* 
4. Jg. 1908 Internet Archive = Google-USA* 
5. Jg. 1909 Internet Archive 
6. Jg. 1910 Internet Archive 
7.–9. Jg. 1911–1913 Internet Archive 
10. Jg. 1914 Internet Archive 
11. Jg. 1915 Internet Archive 
12. Jg. 1916 Internet Archive 
13. Jg. 1917 Internet Archive 
14. Jg. 1918 Internet Archive 
15.–16. Jg. 1919–1920 Internet Archive 
17. Jg. 1921 Internet Archive 
18.–19. Jg. 1922–1923 Internet Archive

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Open Access Monograph Series: Oriental Institute Assyriological Studies (AS)

Oriental Institute Assyriological Studies (AS)

For an up to date list of all Oriental Institute publications available online see:

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Open Accesss Journal: Acta Classica: Proceedings of the Classical Association of South Africa

Acta Classica: Proceedings of the Classical Association of South Africa
ISSN 0065-1141
Acta Classica (ISSN 0065-1141) publishes articles (536), notes (162), and reviews (107). The language of publication is mainly English (650), but many contributions have also been written in Afrikaans (72), German (62), French (11), Dutch (9), Latin (5), and Italian (2). 

Acta Classica is an international journal. It has published work by scholars residing in South Africa (550), the United States of America (69), the United Kingdom of Great Britain (38), Canada (38), Australia (35), Germany (26), The Netherlands (13), Rhodesia and Nyasaland / Zimbabwe / Tanzania (11), Belgium (5), New Zealand (4), Italy (4), Israel (3), Poland (2), Greece (2), France (2), and Japan (1).
The journal publishes work in all fields of Classics, from textual criticism (37) to the Classical Tradition / Reception Studies (17). Many contributions have been made in the field of Ancient History (approximately 188), but the majority have been literary in nature (305). Further contributions have been made in the field of Ancient Philosophy (42) and Ancient Religion (14). Some interesting work has also been done in the history of Classical Scholarship -- including the work of South African Classics scholars (52) -- Lexicography (19), Epigraphy (12), Art (10),  and Archaeology (2). There have also been articles in such diverse areas of study as Research Methodology in Classics (3) and Byzantine / Medieval Studies (18).
The longest article published in the journal, written in German, runs to over fifty pages, the shortest to just five, but on average articles are in the region of thirteen to fifteen pages in length. 

Users of Endnote may want to download the Acta Classica Endnote style (ActaClassica.ens) and the compressed data files for work published in the journal (ActaClassica.enlx) in order to search for articles, notes, and reviews, using this bibliographical package.
All articles from Volume 49 (2006) to Volume 1 (1958) are available in open access from this site.

Vol 57 (2014)
Vol 56 (2013)
Vol 55 (2012)
Vol 54 (2011)
Vol 53 (2010)
Vol 52 (2009)
Vol 51 (2008)
Vol 50 (2007)
Vol 49 (2006)
Vol 48 (2005)
Vol 47 (2004)
Vol 46 (2003)
Vol 45 (2002)
Vol 44 (2001)
Vol 43 (2000)
Vol 42 (1999)
Vol 41 (1998)
Vol 40 (1997)
Vol 39 (1996)
Vol 38 (1995)
Vol 37 (1994)
Vol 36 (1993)
Vol 35 (1992)
Vol 34 (1991)
Vol 33 (1990)
Vol 32 (1989)
Vol 31 (1988)
Vol 30 (1987)
Vol 29 (1986)
Vol 28 (1985)
Vol 27 (1984)
Vol 26 (1983)
Vol 25 (1982)
Vol 24 (1981)
Vol 23 (1980)
Vol 22 (1979)
Vol 21 (1978)
Vol 20 (1977)
Vol 19 (1976)
Vol 18 (1975)
Vol 17 (1974)
Vol 16 (1973)
Vol 15 (1972)
Vol 14 (1971)
Vol 13 (1970)
Vol 12 (1969)
Vol 11 (1968)
Vol 10 (1967)
Vol 9 (1966)
Vol 8 (1965)
Vol 7 (1964)
Vol 6 (1963)
Vol 5 (1962)
Vol 4 (1961)
Vol 3 (1960)
Vol 2 (1959)
Vol 1 (1958)

Partially Open Access Journal: Arctos: Acta Philologica Fennica - Reviews

Arctos: Acta Philologica Fennica - Reviews
Arctos is the principal classical journal of Finland. Published since 1954, it appears annually since 1974.

The Editorial Board of Arctos welcomes submissions dealing with any aspect of classical antiquity, and the reception of ancient cultures in mediaeval times and beyond. Arctos presents research articles and short notes in the fields of Greek and Latin languages, literatures, ancient history, philosophy, religions, archaeology, art, and society. Each volume also contains reviews of recent books.

All reviews published in Arctos since vol. 41 (2007) are available in PDF format on this page.

Reviews Published in Vol. 41 (2007)

  • The Edinburgh Companion to Ancient Greece and Rome. Ed. E. Bispham, T. Harrison and B. A.Sparkes, 2006. (Kaj Sandberg)
  • Saggi in onore di Paolo Verzone. A cura di D. De Bernardi Ferrero, 2002. (Mika Kajava)
  • J. J. Winckelmann: Schriften und Nachlaß. Band 4,2: Geschichte der Kunst des Alterthums. Katalog der Denkmäler. Hg. v. A. H. Borbein, T. W. Gaethgens, J.Irmscher und M. Kunze; Band 4,3: Geschichte der Kunst des Alterthums. Allgemeiner Kommentar. Hg. v. A. H. Borbein, T. W.Gaethgens, J. Irmscher und M. Kunze, 2006; 2007. (Heikki Solin)
  • W. Ludwig: Miscella Neolatina. Ausgewählte Aufsätze 1989-2003. Vols. 1–3. Ed. A. Steiner-Weber, 2004–2005. (Sari Kivistö)
  • Antiphon the Sophist: The Fragments. Ed. G. J. Pendrick, 2002. (Ulla Laitakari)
  • Brill's Companion to Hellenistic Epigram. Ed. P. Bing & J. Steffen Bruss, 2007. (Tiina Purola)
  • Dionisio di Alessandria: Descrizione della Terra abitata. Testo greco a fronte. Pref., intr.,trad., note e apparati di E. Amato con un saggio di F. Coccaro Andreou, 2005.(Mika Kajava)
  • M. Raffa: La Scienza Armonica di Claudio Tolemeo. Saggio critico, traduzione e commento, 2002. (Mika Kajava)
  • E. Ruschenbusch: Die frühen römischen Annalisten. Untersuchungen zur Geschichtsschreibung des 2. Jahrhunderts v. Chr., 2004. (Kaj Sandberg)
  • H. Grote: Petrarca lesen, 2006. (Sari Kivistö)
  • Letters from Sir James Spens and Jan Rutgers. The Works and Correspondence of Axel Oxenstierna. II:13. Ed. A. Jönsson, 2007. (Raija Sarasti-Wilenius)
  • R. Wright: A Sociophilological Study of Late Latin, 2002 (Hilla Halla-aho)
  • P. M. Nigdelis: Epigrafika Thessalonikeia, 2006. (Olli Salomies)
  • Inschriften von Milet. Teil 3: Inschriften n. 1020-1580. Hg. Von Herrmann, P. – Günther, W. – Ehrhardt, N., 2006. (Mika Kajava)
  • W. Clarysse – D. J. Thompson: Counting the People in Hellenistic Egypt. Vol. 1: Population Registers (P.Count). Vol. 2: Historical Studies, 2006. (Erja Salmenkivi)
  • Usi e abusi epigrafici. Atti del Coll. Int.Epigr. Lat. (Genova 2001). A cura di M. G. Angeli Bertinelli e A. Donati, 2003. (Luca Maurizi)
  • Corpus inscriptionum Latinarum. Vol. VI.6 Indices. Fasciculus 3. Ed. A. E. Gordon† – J.Stiefbold Gordon† – U. Jansen – H. Krummrey, 2006. (Olli Salomies)
  • Supplementa Italica. Nuova Serie 21. Indici dei volumi 15-20. A cura di C. Lega – S.Crea, 2006. (Olli Salomies)
  • Supplementa Italica. Nuova Serie 23. Butuntum, Firmum Picenum, Potentia, Asisium, Matilica. Supplementorum Supplementa. Italia, Sicilia, Sardinia epigraphicae, 2007. (Olli Salomies)
  • S. Panciera: Epigrafi, epigrafia, epigrafisti. Scritti vari editi e inediti (1956-2005) con note complementari e indici (3voll.), 2006. (Olli Salomies)
  • Army and Power in the Ancient World. Ed. A. Chaniotis – P. Ducrey, 2002. (Kai Juntunen)
  • N. Morley: Trade in Classical Antiquity, 2007. (Harri Kiiskinen)
  • Greek and Roman Actors. Aspects of an Ancient Profession. Ed. P. Easterling – E. Hall,2002. (Hilla Halla-aho)
  • Myth and Symbol I. Symbolic Phenomena in Ancient Greek Culture. Ed. S. des Bouvrie, 2002. (Tua Korhonen)
  • Myth and Symbol II. Symbolic Phenomena in Ancient Greek Culture. Ed. S. des Bouvrie, 2004. (Tua Korhonen)
  • S. Goldhill: Who Needs Greek? Contests in the Cultural History of Hellenism, 2002. (Tua Korhonen)
  • P. W. Ludwig: Eros & Polis. Desire and Community in Greek Political Theory, 2002. (Tiina Purola)
  • K. Lembke: Ägyptens späte Blüte. Die Römer am Nil, 2004. (Ulla Laitakari)
  • Poverty in the Roman World. Ed. M. Atkins – R. Osborne, 2006. (Harri Kiiskinen)
  • J. Burns: Great Women of Imperial Rome, 2007. (Mika Kajava)
  • S. Dixon: Cornelia: Mother of the Gracchi, 2007. (Mika Kajava)
  • J. König: Athletics and Literature in the Roman Empire, 2005. (Marjaana Vesterinen)
  • Religion and Law in Classical and Christian Rome. Ed. C. Ando – J. Rüpke, 2006. (Ulla Lehtonen)
  • V. M. Warrior: Roman Religion, 2006. (Maijastina Kahlos)
  • J. Rüpke (Band 1–3), A. Glock (Band2): Fasti Sacerdotum. Die Mitglieder der Priesterschaften und das sakrale Funktionspersonal römischer, griechischer, orientalischer und jüdisch-christlicher Kulte in der Stadt Rom von 300 v. Chr. bis 499 n. Chr., 2005. (Heikki Solin)
  • J. Rüpke: Römische Priester in der Antike. Ein biographisches Lexikon, 2007. (Heikki Solin)
  • J. Haas: Die Umweltkrise des 3.Jahrhunderts n. Chr. im Nordwesten des Imperium Romanum. Interdisziplinäre Studien zu einem Aspekt der allgemeinen Reichskrise im Bereich der beiden Germaniae sowie der Belgica und der Raetia, 2006. (Harri Kiiskinen)
  • F. P. Rizzo: Sicilia cristiana dal I al Vsecolo. Volume primo, 2005. (Kalle Korhonen)
  • E. Metzger: Litigation in Roman Law, 2005. (Janne Pölönen)
  • C. L. Lawton: Marbleworkers in the Athenian Agora, 2006. (Eeva-Maria Viitanen)
  • C. A. Mauzy: Agora Excavations, 1931-2006.A Pictorial History, 2006. (Eeva-Maria Viitanen)
  • S. I. Rotroff – R. D. Lamberton: Women in the Athenian Agora, 2006. (Eeva-Maria Viitanen)
  • Il santuario di Portonaccio a Veio. 1: Gli scavi di Massimo Pallottino nella zona dell'altare (1939-1940). A cura di G. Colonna, 2002. (Leena Pietilä-Castren)
  • L. Hackworth Petersen: The Freedman in Roman Art and Art History, 2006. (Eeva-Maria Viitanen)
  • G. W. Adams: The Suburban Villas of Campania and their Social Function. BAR International Series 1542, 2006. (E.-M. Viitanen)
  • Reviews Published in Vol. 42 (2008)

  • Fides Humanitas Ius. Studi in onore di Luigi Labruna. A cura di C. Cascione - C. Masi Doria, 2007. (Kaius Tuori)
  • M. F. Smith: Supplement to Diogenes of Oinoanda the Epicurean Inscription, 2003. (Heikki Solin)
  • Stephani Byzantii Ethnica. Volumen I: A-G. Recensuit germanice vertit adnotationibus indicibusque instruxit Margarethe Billerbeck. Adiuvantibus Jan Felix Gaertner – Beatrice Wyss – Christian Zubler. Corpus Fontium Historiae Byzantinae XLIII/1, 2006. (Kai Juntunen)
  • Tacitus: Annaler I–V. Annales. Ab excessu divi Augusti. Från latin till svenska av I. Svalenius, 2003. (Heikki Solin)
  • Tacitus: Histories. Book 1. Ed. C. Damon, 2003. (Heikki Solin)
  • Michael Lapidge with contributions by J. Crook, R. Deshman - S. Rankin: The Anglo-Saxon Minsters of Winchester: The Cult of St Swithun. Winchester Studies 4.ii, 2003. (Seppo Heikkinen)
  • Le Pogge. Facéties. Confabulationes. Édition bilingue. Texte latin, note philologique et notes de S. Pittaluga, traduction française et introduction de E. Wolff, 2005. (Paolo Gatti)
  • P. Mehtonen: Obscure Language, Unclear Literature. Theory and Practice from Quintilian to the Enlightenment. Translated by R. MacGilleon. Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae, Humaniora 320, 2003. (Inkeri Kinnari)
  • D. Wiles: Mask and Performance in Greek Tragedy. From Ancient Festival to Modern Experimentation, 2007. (Sanna Kittelä)
  • XII Congressus Internationalis Epigraphiae Graecae et Latinae: Provinciae Imperii Romani inscriptionibus descriptae: Barcelona, 3–8 Septembris 2002. Ediderunt Marc Mayer i Olivé, Giulia Baratta, Alejandra Guzmán Almagro. Monografies de la Secció Històrico-Arqueològica 10. Institut d'Estudis Catalans; Universitat de Barcelona; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona 2007. (Heikki Solin)
  • Inscriptiones Graecae. Consilio et auctoritate Academiae Scientiarum Berolinensis et Brandenburgensis editae. Voluminis IV editio altera. Fasciculus II: Inscriptiones Aeginae insulae. Schedis usus quas condidit Hans R. Goette edidit Klaus Hallof, 2007. (Heikki Solin)
  • J.-M. Lassere: Manuel d'épigraphie romaine. Vols. I–II. Antiquité. Synthèses 8, 2005. (Olli Salomies)
  • Supplementa Italica. Imagines. Supplementi fotografici ai volumi italiani del CIL. Latium Vetus I (CIL, XIV; Eph. Epigr., VII e IX). Latium Vetus praeter Ostiam. A cura di M. G. Granino Cecere. Presentazione di A. M. Reggiani. 2005. (Heikki Solin)
  • Supplementa Italica. Imagines. Supplementi fotografici ai volumi italiani del CIL. Roma (CIL, VI) 3. Collezioni Fiorentine. A cura di M. G. Granino Cecere. Presentazione di A. Romualdi – H. von Hesberg. 2008. (Heikki Solin)
  • Dahmen, K.: The Legend of Alexander the Great on Greek and Roman Coins, 2007. (Marja Vierros)
  • The Monetary Systems of the Greeks and Romans. Ed. W. V. Harris, 2008. (Harri Kiiskinen)
  • R. Burns: Damascus: a History, 2007. (Antti Lampinen)
  • Women's Influence on Classical Civilization. Ed. F. McHardy – E. Marshall, 2004. (Sanna Kittelä)
  • Religions orientales – culti misterici. Neue Perspektiven – nouvelles perspectives – prospettive nuove. Ed. C. Bonnet - J. Rüpke - P. Scarpi. Potsdamer Altertumswissenschaftliche Beiträge 16, 2006. (Ulla Lehtonen)
  • A. Meriani: Sulla musica greca antica. Studi e ricerche. Università degli Studi di Salerno, Quaderni del Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Antichità 28, 2003. (Kimmo Kovanen)
  • R. Mitchell-Boyask: Plague and the Athenian Imagination. Drama, History and the Cult of Asclepius, 2008. (Tiina Purola)
  • S. Marchesini: Prosopographia Etrusca II,1 Studia. Gentium mobilitas. Studia Archaeologica 158, 2007. (Jorma Kaimio)
  • D. Engels: Das römische Vorzeichenwesen (753–27 v. Chr.). Quellen, Terminologie, Kommentar, historische Entwicklung. Potsdamer Altertumswissenschaftliche Beiträge 22, 2007. (Jesse Keskiaho)
  • A. A. Lelis - W. A. Percy - B. C. Verstraete: The Age of Marriage in Ancient Rome. Studies in Classics, Vol. 26, 2003. (Heikki Solin)
  • Die Praxis der Herrscherverehrung in Rom und seinen Provinzen. Hrsg. von H. Cancik - K. Hitzl, 2003. (Mika Kajava)
  • G. Schörner: Votive im römischen Griechenland. Untersuchungen zur späthellenistischen und kaiserzeitlichen Kunst- und Religionsgeschichte. Altertumswissenschaftliches Kolloquium 7, 2003. (Mika Kajava)
  • R. van Dam: The Roman Revolution of Constantine, 2007. (Joonas Sipilä)
  • Le città campane fra tarda antichità e alto medioevo. A cura di G. Vitolo. Centro interuniversitario per la storia delle città campane nel Medioevo, Quaderni 2, 2005. (Laura Chioffi)
  • Ager Veleias. Tradizione, società e territorio sull'Appennino Piacentino (con nuova edizione e traduzione della Tabula Alimentaria di Veleia). A cura di N. Criniti, 2003. (Harri Kiiskinen)
  • The Cambridge Economic History of the Greco-Roman World. Ed. W. Scheidel - I. M. Morris – R. P. Saller, 2007. (Harri Kiiskinen)
  • T. Amemiya: Economy and Economics of Ancient Greece. Routledge Explorations in Economic History, 33, 2007. (Harri Kiiskinen)
  • C. van Tilburg: Traffic and Congestion in the Roman Empire, 2007. (Heini Ynnilä)
  • Art and Inscriptions in the Ancient World. Ed. Z. Newby – R. Leader-Newby, 2007. (Eeva-Maria Viitanen)
  • D. Baldoni: Vasi a matrice di età imperiale a Iasos. Missione archeologica italiana di Iasos III. Archaeologica 139, 2003. (Leena. Pietilä-Castrén)
  • G. I. Despinis: Hochrelieffriese des 2. Jahrhunderts n. Chr. aus Athen, 2003. (Leena Pietilä-Castrén)
  • G. S. Merker: The Greek Tile Works at Corinth: The Site and the Finds. With a Contribution by C. K. Williams II. Hesperia Supplement 35, 2006. (Eeva-Maria Viitanen)
  • P. B. Betancourt: The Chrysokamino Metallurgy Workshop And Its Territory. Hesperia Supplement 36, 2006. (Eeva-Maria Viitanen)
  • J. T. Peña: Roman Pottery in the Archaeological Record, 2007. (Eeva-Maria Viitanen)
  • Reviews Published in Vol. 43 (2009)

  • The Cambridge Companion to Greek Mythology. Edited by Roger D. Woodard, 2007. (Stephen Evans)
  • Epigrafia 2006. Atti della XIVe Rencontre sur l'épigraphie in onore di Silvio Panciera, con altri contributi di colleghi, allievi e collaboratori. A cura di M. L. Caldelli – G. L. Gregori – S. Orlandi, 2008. (Olli Salomies)
  • Studi di archeologia in onore di Gustavo Traversari. Volumi I–II. A cura di Manuela Fano Santi, 2004. (Mika Kajava)
  • Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Pirro Ligorio. Libri degli antichi eroi e uomini illustri. A cura di Beatrice Palma Venetucci, 2005. (Heikki Solin)
  • Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Pirro Ligorio. Libro dell'antica città' di Tivoli e di alcune famose ville. A cura di Alessandra Ten, 2005. (Heikki Solin)
  • Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Pirro Ligorio. Libro delle iscrizioni latine e greche. A cura di Silvia Orlandi, 2008. (Heikki Solin)
  • Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Pirro Ligorio. Libro di diversi terremoti. A cura di Emanuela Guidoboni, 2005. (Heikki Solin)
  • Lettres de Chion d'Héraclée. Texte révisé, traduit et commenté par Pierre-Louis Malosse, avec une Préface de Jacques Schamp, 2004. (Mika Kajava)
  • Atti del XII Colloquium Tullianum. Salamanca, 7–9 ottobre 2004 (Ciceroniana N.S. XII). A cura di Donatella Fogazza – Salvatore Monda, 2006. (Heikki Solin)
  • Nicholas Horsfall: Virgil, Aeneid 2. A Commentary, 2008. (Hannu Riikonen)
  • The Early Latin Poetry of Sylvester Johannis Phrygius. Edited, with Introduction, Translation and Commentary by Peter Sjökvist, 2007. (Raija Sarasti-Wilenius)
  • Wandering Poets in Ancient Greek Culture. Travel, Locality and Panhellenism. Edited by Richard Hunter – Ian Rutherford, 2009. (Stephen Evans)
  • John Heath: The Talking Greeks. Speech, Animals, and the other in Homer, Aeschylus, and Plato, 2005. (Tua Korhonen)
  • Thalia Papadopoulou: Heracles and Euripidean Tragedy, 2005. (Sanna- Ilaria Kittelä)
  • Thomas Habinek: Ancient Rhetoric and Oratory, 2005. (Manna Satama)
  • C. W. Marshall: The Stagecraft and Performance of Roman Comedy, 2006. (Kalle Knaapi)
  • Gavin Kelly: Ammianus Marcellinus: The Allusive Historian, 2008. (Heimo Vesala)
  • A History of Ancient Greek. From the Beginnings to Late Antiquity. Edited by A.-F. Christidis, with Maria Arapoulou – Maria Chriti, 2007. (Kalle Korhonen)
  • James Clackson – Geoffrey Horrocks: The Blackwell History of the Latin Language, 2007. (Hilla Halla-aho)
  • Inscriptiones Graecae. Vol. II et III editio altera, Inscriptiones Atticae Euclidis anno posteriores: pars V: Inscriptiones Atticae aetatis quae est inter Herulorum incursionem et imp. Mauricii tempora. Edidit Ericus Sironen, 2008. (Heikki Solin)
  • M. Segre: Iscrizioni di Cos, 2007. (Olli Salomies)
  • La ricerca epigrafica e antiquaria nelle Venezie dall'età napoleonica all'unità. A cura di Alfredo Buonopane – Maurizio Buora – Arnaldo Marcone, 2007. (Heikki Solin)
  • Fabian Reiter: Die Nomarchen des Arsinoites. Ein Beitrag zum Steuerwesen im römischen Ägypten, 2004. (Tiina Purola)
  • La comunicazione nella storia antica. Fantasie e realtà. A cura di M. G. Angeli Bertinelli – A. Donati, 2008. (Olli Salomies)
  • The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Pericles. Edited by Loren J. Samons II, 2007. (Hannu Riikonen)
  • Matthew R. Christ: The Bad Citizen in Classical Athens, 2006. (Elina Salminen)
  • Nino Luraghi: The Ancient Messenians. Constructions of Ethnicity and Memory, 2008. (Sanna-Ilaria Kittelä)
  • Gary D. Farney: Ethnic Identity and Aristocratic Competition in Republican Rome, 2007. (Kaj Sandberg)
  • Luciano Canfora: Julius Caesar. The People's Dictator. Translated by Marian Hill – Kevin Windle, 2007. (Luca Maurizi)
  • The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Augustus. Edited by Karl Galinsky, 2005. (Kaj Sandberg)
  • Fik Meijer: Emperors Don't Die in Bed, 2004. (Hannu Riikonen)
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