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Open Access Journal: Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica

[First posted in AWOL 8 March 2011. Updated 24 July 2014]

Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica
ISSN (print and/or electronic) 1224-2284
The journal Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica was established in 1983, at that moment as a volume dedicated to the memory of the reputed scholar from Iași, Nicolae Gostar. Though at the onset the journal was envisioned as a periodical, because of the financial and political difficulties of the era, its publishing only recommenced in 1995, having appeared regularly since then. 
Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica is edited by the Chair of Ancient History and Archaeology from the Faculty of History within the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, and publishes studies on the prehistory, ancient history and archaeology of, primarily, the South-eastern European area, but also of Europe and of the extra-European regions. After the first issue (1983), the journal underwent, as stated above, a steady evolution, to become one of the few Romanian publications with an up-to-date release schedule. The themes are varied, encompassing eras from prehistory to the Middle Ages and domains such as archaeology, prehistory, numismatics, epigraphy, anthropology, paleobotany, and paleofaunistics. 

Interdisciplinary studies enjoyed appreciable consideration during the last years, on account of the facilities available in the laboratories of the Chair of Ancient History and Archaeology.

Starting with 1990 the journal established international collaborations, out of which special mention should be made of those with scholars from Bari (Rodolfo Striccoli, Marcello Marin, Luigi Piacente, Domenico Lassandro). These collaborations were later intensified by the contributions of the researchers from the University of Foggia (Renzo Infante, Gilda Sansone, Maria Veronese, etc.) and from other foreign universities and institutes (Konstanz, Trier, Innsbruck, Paris, Besançon, Udine, Haifa, etc.).

In conclusion, the journal focuses on ancient history and archaeology and benefitted from the contributions of prestigious authors from Romania or abroad. Worthy of attention is that internationally-recognised scholars have accepted to be members of the editorial committee (Svend Hansen, Christoph Schaefer, Wolfgang Schuller, Martin Hose, etc.).

Coming Soon: International Journal of the Society of Iranian Archaeologists

International Journal of the Society of Iranian Archaeologists
Society of Iranian Archaeology (SOIA) is the sponsor of the International Journal of the Society of Iranian Archaeologists (IJSOIA). IJSOIA will be published biannually in English Language. Each volume includes articles related to Archaeology (Prehistoric, Historic and Islamic periods), Anthropology and relevant issues, covering everywhere with a Persian or Iranian Heritage, especially Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Asia Minor, the Caucasus and Northern India. Articles must be submitted electronically.

IJSOIA will be published biannually in English Language. Each volume includes articles related to Archaeology (Prehistoric, Historic and Islamic periods), Anthropology and relavant issues, covering everywhere with a Persian or Iranian Heritage, especially Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Asia Minor, the Caucasus and Northern India.

Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database

 [First posted in AWOL 30 December 2010, updated 30 December 2013]

Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database
Online version of the Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database, originally released in 1998 as a set of floppy disks.

Welcome to the online version of the Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database, originally released in 1998 as a set of floppy disks. We are pleased to make the database available in a much more accessible and user-friendly format, and free of charge, through the Dumbarton Oaks website. The database has two sections: the introduction which contains general information about the project, and bio- bibliographical introductions to each of the saints of the 8th–10th centuries included in the project; and the database itself which in turn is divided into three sections, the Saints' list, the Author' list, and the search citations. The Greek texts that we have been permitted to reproduce either in their entirety or in sections may be accessed through the Saints' list (entire texts) or search citations (partial texts). Please note that the interface for this database is under development.

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Open Access Journal: HERMES: Revista del Mundo Clásico (UAM)

HERMES: Revista del Mundo Clásico (UAM)
ISSN: 1989-7197
Hermes es una revista trimestral elaborada por alumnos y becarios del departamento de Filología Clásica de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Fundada en octubre de 2009, el objetivo de Hermes es que los estudiantes escriban reseñas y reportajes, realicen entrevistas y aporten una visión del mundo clásico muy ligada a la actualidad.

Open Access to early volumes of ZDPV

Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins

Open Access Journal: Palästinajahrbuch des Deutschen Evangelischen Instituts für Altertumswissenschaft des Heiligen Landes zu Jerusalem

Palästinajahrbuch des Deutschen Evangelischen Instituts für Altertumswissenschaft des Heiligen Landes zu Jerusalem
1. Jg. 1905 Internet Archive = Google-USA* 
2. Jg. 1906 Google-USA* 
3. Jg. 1907 Internet Archive = Google-USA* 
4. Jg. 1908 Internet Archive = Google-USA* 
5. Jg. 1909 Internet Archive 
6. Jg. 1910 Internet Archive 
7.–9. Jg. 1911–1913 Internet Archive 
10. Jg. 1914 Internet Archive 
11. Jg. 1915 Internet Archive 
12. Jg. 1916 Internet Archive 
13. Jg. 1917 Internet Archive 
14. Jg. 1918 Internet Archive 
15.–16. Jg. 1919–1920 Internet Archive 
17. Jg. 1921 Internet Archive 
18.–19. Jg. 1922–1923 Internet Archive

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Open Access Monograph Series: Oriental Institute Assyriological Studies (AS)

Oriental Institute Assyriological Studies (AS)

For an up to date list of all Oriental Institute publications available online see:

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The Edfu Project Digital Library

Edfu Project Library
This page presents a freely accessible online library of monographs, articles, and manuscripts on material about the Edfu district. Additionally we link publications about late egyptian temples. Authors are encouraged to contact us to have their articles posted here.

The articles marked in maroon are accessible by subscription or for these german and international institutes. 

Link auf Onlinebibliographie in der Digitalen Bibliothek der Akademie (res doctae)
Mohamed Abdel-Raziq,
Das Sanktuar Amenophis' III im Luxor Tempel, SEC 3, 1986 (15,98 MB)
Aly Abdallah,
Finds from the Sebakh at Dendara, in: GM 145, 1995, 19-28 (0,77 MB)
Joanna Aksamit,
Tell Edfu, in: Ewa Laskowska-Kusztal (Hg.), Seventy years of Polish archaeology in Egypt, Warschau 2007, 31-40 (2,04 MB)
www.siwaiwa.pl/cas/book/book70_04.pdf www.siwaiwa.pl/cas/cat/cat_27-29.pdf
Maurice Alliot,
Un nouvel exemple de vizir divinisé dans l'Égypte ancienne, in: BIFAO 37, 1937-1938, 93-160 (6,86 MB)
Alain Arnaudiès,
Bibliographie provisoire des temples de Karnak (1822-2006) (1,62 MB)
Eric Aubourg,
La date de conception du zodiaque du temple d'Hathor à Dendera, in: BIFAO 95, 1995, 1-10 (1, 8 MB)
Eric Aubourg & Pierre Zignani,
Espaces, lumières et composition architecturale au temple d'Hathor à Dendara. Résultats préliminaires, in: BIFAO 100, 2000, 47-77 (7,5 MB)
Sydney Aufrère,
La liste des sept oasis d'Edfou, in: BIFAO 100, 2000, 79-127 (0,44 MB)
M. Azim,
À propos du pylône du temple d'Opet à Karnak, in: Cahiers de Karnak 8, 1985, 51-80 (3,2 MB)

Alexander Badawy,
The Architectural Symbolism of the Mammisi-Chapels in Egypt, in: CdE 38, 1963, 78-90 (0,63 MB)
R.S. Bagnall,
The Roman Garrison of Latopolis, in: BASP 12, 1975, 135-144 (1,52 MB)
R.S. Bagnall,
Army and Police in Roman Upper Egypt, in: JARCE 14, 1977, 67-86 (2,02 MB)
R.S. Bagnall,
The Camel, the Wagon, and the Donkey in Later Roman Egypt, in: BASP 22, 1985, 1-6 (0,35 MB)
R.S. Bagnall,
Official and Private Violence in Roman Egypt, in: BASP 26, 1989, 201-216 (1,17 MB)
R.S. Bagnall,
The Painted Garden of Coptos, in: CdE 71, 1996, 145-152 (1,38 MB)
R.S. Bagnall,
Cults and Names of Ptolemais in Upper Egypt, in: Egyptian Religion: The Last Thousand Years.
Studies Dedicated to the Memory of Jan Quaegebeur, Orientalia Lovanensia Analecta 85,
1998, II 1093-1101 (1,44 MB)
R.S. Bagnall,
Archaeological Work on Hellenistic and Roman Egypt, 1995-2000, in: AJA 105, 2001, 227-243 (2,5 MB)
R.S. Bagnall, S. Bülow-Jacobsen, H. Cuvigny,
Security and Water on Egypt's Desert Roads: New Light on the Prefect Iulius
Ursus and Praesidia-building under Vespasian, in: JRA 14, 2001, 325-333 (1,51 MB)
R.S. Bagnall, J.G. Manning, S.E. Sidebotham, R.E. Zitterkopf,
A Ptolemaic Inscription from Bir 'Iayyan, in: CdE 71, 1996, 317-330 (2,36 MB)
R.S. Bagnall, P. Davoli, O.E. Kaper, H.Whitehouse,
Roman Amheida: Excavating A Town in Egypt's Dakhleh Oasis, in: Minerva 17.6, 2006, 26-29 (5,68 MB)
John Baines,
Temple symbolism, in: Royal Anthropological Institute News 15: 1976, 10-15 (2,04 MB)
Paul Barguet,
Les stèles du Nil au Gebel Silsileh, in: BIFAO 50, 1952, 49-63 (2,20 MB)
André Barucq,
Les textes cosmogoniques d'Edfou d'après les manuscrits laissés par Maurice Alliot, in: BIFAO 64, 1966, 125-167 (3,92 MB)
Teresa Bedman
El templo de Debod como instrumento del rito, in: Debod, tres décadas de historia en Madrid, Madrid 2001, 85-120 (0,60 MB)
Georges Bénédite,
Le temple de Philae, Paris, 1893-1895 (19,59 MB)
Véronique Berteaux,
Harachte. Ikonographie, Ikonologie und Einordnung einer komplexen Gottheit bis zum Ende des Neuen Reiches, München 2005 (14,6 MB)
Maria Carmela Betrò
*Onuris, in: Iconography of Deities and Demons, 2006 (0,11 MB)
Aylward M. Blackman,
The Temple of Dendûr, Kairo 1911 (11,14 MB)
dds.crl.edu/loadStream.asp dds.crl.edu/loadStream.asp dds.crl.edu/loadStream.asp
A.M. Blackman,
The Significance of Incense and Libations in Funerary and Temple Ritual, in: ZÄS 50, 1912, 69-75 (0,49 MB)
Aylward M. Blackman,
The Temple of Derr, Kairo 1913 (20,3 MB)
Aylward M. Blackman,
The Temple of Bîgeh, Kairo 1915 (12,62 MB)
A.M. Blackman,
The House of The Morning, in: JEA 5, 1918, 148-165 (0,99 MB)
A.M. Blackman,
The Rite of Opening the Mouth in Ancient Egypt and Babylonia, in: JEA 10, 1924, 47-59 (0,71 MB)
A.M. Blackman,
Consecration of an Egyptian Temple According to the use of Edfu, in: JEA 32, 1946, 75-91 (1,05 MB)
A.M. Blackman und H.W. Fairman,
The Significance of the Ceremony Hwt bHsw in the Temple of Horus at Edfu, in: JEA 35, 1949, 98-11 und JEA 36, 1950, 63-81 (1,94 MB)
Ludwig Borchardt,
Ägyptische Tempel mit Umgang, Beiträge zur Ägyptischen Bauforschung und Altertumskunde 2, 1938 (10,8 MB)
Bernard V. Bothmer,
Ptolemaic Reliefs I, A Granite Block of Philip Arrhidaeus, in: Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts 50, Nr. 280, 1952, 19-27(3,50 MB)
Bernard V. Bothmer,
Ptolemaic Reliefs II, Temple Decorations of Ptolemy I Soter, in: Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts 50, Nr. 281, 1952, 49-56 (2,9 MB)
Bernard V. Bothmer,
Ptolemaic Reliefs III, Deities from the Time of Ptolemy II Philadelphus, in: Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts 51, Nr. 283, 1953, 2-7 (2,4 MB)
Bernard V. Bothmer,
Ptolemaic Reliefs IV, A Votive Tablet, in: Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts 51, Nr. 286, 1953, 80-84 (1,1 MB)
Patrick Boylan,
Thoth, the Hermes of Egypt : a study of some aspects of theological thought in ancient Egypt, London 1922 (23 MB)
David P.Brown,
Purification Rites in an Egyptian Temple, 1985 (0,81 MB)
Michèle Broze,
Les sept propos de Méthyer. Structure narrative et théorie du savoir dans la cosmogonie de Neith à Esna, in: BIFAO 99, 1999, 63-72 (0,35 MB)
Heinrich Brugsch,
Uebereinstimmung einer hieroglyphischen Inschrift von Philae mit dem griechischen und demotischen Anfangs-Texte des Dekretes von Rosette, Berlin 1849 (4 MB)
Heinrich Brugsch,
Die Inschrift von Rosette, nach ihrem ägyptisch-demotischen Texte sprachlich und sachlich erklärt, Theil I: Sammlung demotischer Urkunden mit gleichlautenden hieroglyphischen Texten als nächste Grundlage zur Entzifferung der Inschrift von Rosette, größtentheils zum ersten Male veröffentllicht, Berlin, 1850 (16 MB)
Heinrich Brugsch,
Grammaire démotique: contenant les principes généraux de la langue et de l'écriture populaires des anciens Égyptiens, Berlin 1855 (41 MB)
Heinrich Brugsch,
Geographische Inschriften altägyptischer Denkmäler, Bd. 2, Leipzig 1858; Bd. 3, Leipzig 1860 (5,8 MB + 8,1 MB)
books.google.com/books books.google.com/books ia311003.us.archive.org/0/items/diegeographiede00bruggoog/diegeographiede00bruggoog.pdf 
Heinrich Brugsch,
Recueil de monuments égyptiens I, Leipzig 1862 (5,42 MB)
Heinrich Brugsch,
Recueil de monuments égyptiens III, Leipzig 1865 (10,9 MB)
Heinrich Brugsch,
Hieroglyphisch-demotisches Wörterbuch, Bd. I, Leipzig 1867 (14,9 MB)
Alternativ: diglit.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/brugsch1868 (102 MB)
Heinrich Brugsch,
Hieroglyphisch-demotisches Wörterbuch, Bd. II, Leipzig 1868 (118 MB)
Heinrich Brugsch,
Die Sage von der geflügelten Sonnenscheibe nach altägyptischen Quellen, Göttingen 1870 (3,8 MB)
Heinrich Brugsch,
Verzeichniss der Hieroglyphen mit Lautwerth in der gewöhnlichen und in der geheimen Schrift, Leipzig 1872 (0,9 MB)
Heinrich Brugsch,
Dictionnaire géographique de l'ancienne Egypte: contenant par ordre alphabétique la nomenclature comparée des noms propres géographiques qui se rencontrent sur les monuments et dans les papyrus, Leipzig 1879-1880 (148 MB + 65 MB)
diglit.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/brugsch1879 diglit.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/brugsch1880
Heinrich Brugsch,
Thesaurus Inscriptionum Aegyptiacarum I-VI, Leipzig, 1883-1891 (34 MB + 23 MB + 46 MB)
www.archive.org/details/thesaurusinscrip12brug www.archive.org/details/thesaurusinscrip34brug www.archive.org/details/thesaurusinscrip56brug
E.A. Wallis Budge,
The Rosetta Stone, London 1913 (1,8 MB)
Judith M. Bunbury, Angus Graham & Kristian D. Strutt,
Kom el-Farahy: a New Kingdom Island in an evolving Edfu floodplain, in: BMSAES 14, 2009, 1-23 (8,61 MB)
Amice M. Calverley, Myrtle F. Broome, Alan H. Gardiner,
The Temple of King Sethos I at Abydos, Volume I: The Chapels of Osiris, Isis and Horus, London/Chicago 1933 (110 MB)
Amice M. Calverley, Myrtle F. Broome, Alan H. Gardiner,
The Temple of King Sethos I at Abydos, Volume II: The Chapels of Amen-Re', Re'-Harakhti, Ptah, and King Sethos, London/Chicago 1935 (98 MB)
Amice M. Calverley, Myrtle F. Broome, Alan H. Gardiner,
The Temple of King Sethos I at Abydos, Volume III: The Osiris Complex, London/Chicago 1938 (233 MB)
Amice M. Calverley, Myrtle F. Broome, Alan H. Gardiner,
The Temple of King Sethos I at Abydos, Volume IV: The Second Hypostyle Hall, London/Chicago 1958 (252 MB)

Jean Capart,
Abydos. Le temple de Séti Ier - étude générale, Bruxelles 1912 (349 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
Dendara XIII, Pronaos G' (Fassade und Säulen), 2007 (44,8 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
Dendara XIV,1, Pronaos G' (Innenbereich), 2007 (19,96 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
Dendara XV,1, Pronaos G' & I', 2008 (26,41 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
L'hymne à Mehyt d'Edfou, in: BIFAO 82, 1982, 105-125 (1,42 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
Une règle de la "grammaire" du temple, in: BIFAO 83, 1983, 51-84 (6,44 MB)
Sylvie Cauville und Didier Devauchelle,
Les mesures réelles du temple d'Edfou, in: BIFAO 84, 1984, 23-34 (0,63 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
Les statues cultuelles de Dendera d'après les inscriptions pariétales, in: BIFAO 87, 1987, 73-117 (4,28 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
Le panthéon d'Edfou à Dendera in: BIFAO 88, 1988, 7-23 (1,82 MB)
Sylvie Cauville & Annie Gasse
Fouilles de Dendera. Premiers résultats, in: BIFAO 88, 1988, 25-32 (1,54 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
La chapelle de Thot-Ibis à Dendera édifiée sous Ptolémée Ier par Hor, scribe d'Amon-Rê, in:
BIFAO 89, 1989, 43-66 (5,52 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
Les inscriptions dédicatoires du temple d'Hathor à Dendera, in: BIFAO 90, 1990, 83-114 (6,69 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
Dieux et prêtres à Dendera au Ier siècle avant Jésus-Christ, in: BIFAO 91, 1991, 69-97 (3,03 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
Ihy-noun et Ihy-ouâb, in: BIFAO 91, 1991, 99-117 (9,79 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
Les inscriptions géographiques relatives au nome tentyrite, in: BIFAO 92, 1992, 67-99 (8,46 MB)
Sylvie Cauville et alii,
La chapelle de la barque à Dendera, in: BIFAO 93, 1993, 79-172 (19,4 MB)
Sylvie Cauville,
À propos des 77 génies de Pharbaïthos, in: BIFAO 90, 1990, 115-133 (3,26 MB)
Émile Chassinat,
Note sur un nom géographique emprunté à la grande liste des nomes du Temple d'Edfou, in: BIFAO 2, 1902, 106-108 (0,51 MB)
Émile Chassinat,
A propos de deux tableaux du Mammisi d'Edfou, in: BIFAO 10, 1912, 183-193 (0,97 MB)
Émile Chassinat,
Une nouvelle mention du pseudo-architecte du temple d'Horus, à Edfou, in: BIFAO 28, 1929, 1-10 (1,81 MB)
Émile Chassinat,
Le mar du roi Menibré, à Edfou, in: BIFAO 30, 1931, 299-303 (0,44 MB)
Michèle Chermette und Jean-Claude Goyon,
Le Catalogue Raisonné des Producteurs de Styrax et d'Oliban d'Edfou et d'Athribis de Haute Égypte, in: SAK 23, 1996, 47-82 (3,85 MB)
Kathlyn M. Cooney,
The Edifice of Taharqa by the Sacred Lake: Ritual Function and the Role of the King, in: JARCE 37, 2000, 15-47 (5,85 MB)
Filip Coppens,
Temple Festivals of the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods, in: UCLA Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt,
2009 (3,27 MB)
René-Georges Coquin,
La christianisation des temples de Karnak, in: BIFAO 72, 1972, 169-178 (1,59 MB)
Laurent Coulon, François Leclère, Sylvie Marchand,
"Catacombes" osiriennes de Ptolémée IV à Karnak. Rapport préliminaire de la campagne de fouilles
1993, in: Cahiers de Karnak 10, 1995, 205-251 (3,6 MB)
Jules Couyat,
Les routes d'Aidhab. - Notes pour servir à l'histoire du désert Arabique, in: BIFAO 8, 1911, 135-143 (1,25 MB)
Walter Ewing Crum,
A Coptic Dictionary, Oxford 1939 (31 MB)
Georges Daressy,
Note sur des bas-reliefs du temple de Deir el-Médineh, in: BIFAO 6, 1908, 71-74 (0,31 MB)
François Daumas,
La structure du mammisi de Nectanébo à Dendara, in: BIFAO 50, 1952, 133-155 (5,22 MB)
François Daumas,
Le sanatorium de Dendara, in: BIFAO 56, 1957, 35-57 (4,31 MB)
Fr. Daumas,
L'interprétation des temples égyptiens anciens à la lumière des temples gréco-romains, in:
Cahiers de Karnak 6, 1980, 261-284 (1,3 MB)
Jean David-Weill,
Papyrus arabes d'Edfou, in: BIFAO 30, 1931, 33-44 (1,30 MB)
W. Vivian Davies & Elisabeth R. O'Connell,
The British Museum expedition to Elkab and Hagr Edfu, 2009, in: BMSAES 14, 2009, 51-72 (17,6 MB)
Maria Theresia Derchain-Urtel,
Eine ‚einfache' Szene im Mammisi von Dendera, in: GM 25, 1977, 53-58 (0,4 MB)
Maria Theresia Derchain-Urtel,
Esna, Schrift und 'Spiel', in: GM 27, 1978, 11-21 (0,73 MB)
Maria Theresia Derchain-Urtel,
Zum besseren Verständnis eines Textes aus Esna, in: GM 30, 1978, 27-34 (0,53 MB)
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Abteilung Kairo,
Rundbriefe der Abteilung 1957-2009
Didier Devauchelle,
Les graffites démotiques du toit du temple d'Edfou, in: BIFAO 83, 1983, 123-131 (3,10 MB)
Didier Devauchelle,
Lettre de réclamation à Edfou (ostracon démotique Edfou 1001), in: BIFAO 89, 1989, 81-88 (1,03 MB)
Jitse Harm Fokke Dijkstra,
Religious Encounters on the Southern Egyptian Frontier in Late Antiquity (AD 298 - 642),
Groningen 2005 (3,76 MB)
Peter Dils,
Der Tempel von Dusch. Publikation und Untersuchungen eines ägyptischen Provinztempels der römischen Zeit, Philosophische Fakultät, Universität Köln, 2000 (25,32 MB)
Johannes Dümichen,
Bauurkunde der Tempelanlagen von Dendera, Leipzig 1865 (2,91 MB)
Johannes Dümichen (Hrsg.),
Altägyptische Tempelinschriften: in den Jahren 1863 - 1865 an Ort und Stelle gesammelt (Band 1): Weihinschriften aus dem Horustempel von Edfu (Apollinopolis Magna), Leipzig 1867 (24 MB)
Johannes Dümichen (Hrsg.),
Altägyptische Tempelinschriften: in den Jahren 1863 - 1865 an Ort und Stelle gesammelt (Band 2): Weihinschriften aus dem Hathortempel von Dendera (Tentyra), Leipzig 1867 (12,39 MB)
Johannes Dümichen (Hrsg.),
Der Grabpalast des Patuamenap in der thebanischen Nekropolis, Teil 1-3, Leipzig 1884-94 (64,9 MB)
Information in english and german (1,4 MB)
Die Inschriften des ptolemäerzeitlichen Tempels von Edfu, in: Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen. Vorstellung von Vorhaben aus dem Akademienprogramm, 2005, 16-22 (1,13 MB)
Inschriften des ptolemäerzeitlichen Tempels in Edfu, Plakate der Ausstellung zum Wissenschaftssommer 2007, Jahrmarkt der Wissenschaften im Aktionszelt auf dem Kennedyplatz in Essen (2,52 MB)
Die Inschriften des Tempels von Edfu. Begleitheft 5, Edfu: Bericht über drei Surveys; Materialien und Studien, Wiesbaden 1999 (12 MB)
Andreas Effland,
Zur Grabungsgeschichte der archäologischen Stätten zwischen Hager Edfu und Nag' el-Hisaja al-Gharbi, in: EB 5, 1999, 21-39 (1,74 MB)
Andreas Effland,
"Sprechende" Wasserspeier und die Regenwasserableitung im Alten Ägypten, in: Fachliche Berichte HWW 19,2, 2000, 15-20 (3,95 MB)
Andreas Effland, Dieter Kurth, Eva Pardey, Wolfgang Waitkus,
Bericht über drei Surveys im Gebiet zwischen Hager Edfu und Nag' el-Hisaja, in: EB 5, 1999, 40-68 (6, 13 MB)
Arno Egberts,
Dates near the Lake of Dendara: A note on the festival of sailing of Hathor, in: GM 145, 1995, 63-66 (0,35 MB)
Yehia Eid und Martin von Falck,
The History of the Temple of Horus at Edfu: Remarks on Reused Blocks Discovered in the Temple Court, in: BEM 3, 2006, 65-70 (0,97 MB)
Åke Engsheden,
La reconstitution du verbe en égyptien de tradition 400-30 avant J.-C., Uppsala Studies in Egyptology 3, Uppsala 2003 (2,84 MB)
Åke Engsheden,
On the verge of Ptolemaic Egyptian graphical trends in the 30th dynasty, in: Abgadiyat 1, 2006 (0,34 MB)
The Epigraphic Survey,
Medinet Habu, Volume I. Earlier Historical Records of Ramses III, OIP 8, Chicago 1930 (45 MB)
The Epigraphic Survey,
Medinet Habu, Volume II. The Later Historical Records of Ramses III, OIP 9, Chicago 1932 (128 MB)
The Epigraphic Survey,
Medinet Habu, Volume III. The Calendar, the "Slaughterhouse," and Minor Records of Ramses III, OIP 23, Chicago 1934 (33,6 MB)
The Epigraphic Survey,
Medinet Habu, Volume IV. Festival Scenes of Ramses III, OIP 51, Chicago 1940 (108 MB)
The Epigraphic Survey,
Medinet Habu, Volume V. The Temple Proper, Part I: The Portico, the Treasury, and Chapels Adjoining the First Hypostyle Hall with Marginal Material from the Forecourts, OIP 83, Chicago 1957 (36,4 MB)
The Epigraphic Survey,
Medinet Habu, Volume VI. The Temple Proper, Part II: The Re Chapel, the Royal Mortuary Complex, and Adjacent Rooms with Miscellaneous Material from the Pylons, the Forecourts, and the First Hypostyle Hall, OIP 84, Chicago 1963 (62 MB)
The Epigraphic Survey,
Medinet Habu, Vol. VII: The Temple Proper, Pt. III: The Third Hypostyle Hall and All Rooms Accessible from It with Friezes of Scenes from the Roof Terraces and Exterior Walls of the Temple OIP 93, Chicago 1964 (55,8 MB)
The Epigraphic Survey,
Medinet Habu, Vol. VIII: The Eastern High Gate with Translations of Texts OIP 94, Chicago 1970 (29,7 MB)
The Epigraphic Survey,
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