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Open Access Journal: Pseudo-Dionysius

First published in 1999, Pseudo-Dionysius is run by undergraduate and graduate students at Dalhousie and the University of King's College.  It offers the opportunity for university students at all levels to publish their work.

Vol 17 (2015)

Table of Contents


Battle of Frogs and Mice PDF
Tanisha Chakma
Contrasting Models of the God-World Relation: Avicenna, Maimonides and Al- Shahrastani PDF
Harrington Crichtley
A Note on the Ahistorical Metaphysics of Philo’s De Vita Mosis PDF
Daniel Heide
A Note on the Metaphysics of History in Philo’s De Vita Mosis PDF
Daniel Gillis
Variations on Anagnorisis PDF
Meghan Shields
The Essence of Justice Reconsidered: Power and Justice in Thucydides’ The History of the Peloponnesian War PDF
Zachery Ackerson
Meetings with the East: Athens and Pergamum PDF
Alix Kent
“Vere Phrygiae, neque enim Phryges:” Syrian Clothing and Roman Reception of Syrian Identity PDF
Marybeth Osowski
Knowledge and True Opinion in Plato’s Meno PDF
Ariel Weiner
Reading Book I of Plato’s Republic in Context PDF
Benjamin von Bredow
Logos and Ergon in Book I of Plato’s Republic PDF
Alexander Edwards
Playing Mercy: the Value of Virtue in Seneca’s Thyestes PDF
Kaitlyn Boulding
Fate, the Hero and Empire: Anger in Virgil’s Aeneid and Lucan’s Civil War PDF
Tamara Watson
Inhumane Philanthropy and Philanthropic Tyranny: Prometheus and Zeus in Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound PDF
Allison Graham
Feminine Io as a Natural and Political Principle In Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound PDF
Matthew Green
Bethany Hindmarsh


Vol 15 (2013)

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