Monday, November 19, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project

Demonthings: Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project
The Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project is made up of a group of scholars from around the world focussing on the subject of demons in Ancient Egypt from its earliest times (Predynastic) to the Byzantine.

As in the past, demons abound in the media today—from tales of possession to the labeling of political policies as “demonic,” to the channeling of spirits for healing. Some of the most prevalent rituals in the ancient and modern worlds are those that are designed to target demons who were blamed for a host of physical and psychological ailments, problems, and afflictions. Other rites call upon helpful demons for protection and defense.

For the ordinary person in Ancient Egypt, they likely played a greater role in their everyday lives than the well-known gods Amun, Ra, Isis, Osiris, or Hathor.

One of our aims is to illuminate this darker side of Ancient Egyptian life.

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