Saturday, April 29, 2017

Open Access Journal: Bible Lands E-Review (BLER)

[First Posted in AWOL 31 May 2012, updated 29 April 2017]

Bible Lands E-Review (BLER)
The E-Journal of The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

Bible Lands E-Review (BLER), the on-line journal of the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, is a peer reviewed academic journal dedicated to presenting current research on the civilizations of the Bible and Ancient Israel, Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Near East and the Classical World. [read more]
Aster, Shawn Zelig
Baruchi-Unna, Amitai
Boardman, John
Elior, Rachel
Forti, Tova
Gabbay, Uri
Goodnick Westenholz, Joan
Horowitz, Wayne
Maurey, Yossi
Nys, Nadine
Uchitel, Alexander
Vukosavović, Filip
Wainer, Zackary M.

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