Thursday, August 3, 2017

Open Access Journal: Bulletin of Online Emendations to Papyri

[First posted in AWOL 16 February 2012. Updated 3 August 2017]

Bulletin of Online Emendations to Papyri (BOEP)
Zentrum für Altertumswissenschaften
"We are happy to release the first-ever bulletin of online emendations made to papyri in the Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri (DDbDP). As is well known, papyrologists around the world have over the past two years been entering published documentary texts to the Duke Databank via the Papyrological Editor (formerly SoSOL) at In the process, some people have also proposed a number of emendations to existing texts. This bulletin gathers the proposals that have so far been vetted and adopted by the PN's editorial board. Our hope is that by issuing regular updates we will provide users with a helpful overview of evolving scholarly discussion concerning individual texts. We believe that these bulletins will also facilitate ongoing production of resources such as the Berichtigungsliste and HGV by highlighting meaningful changes to texts among the many other kinds of alterations (automated fixes, typo corrections, etc.) that are regularly made to documents in the DDbDP".
[From Rodney Ast and James Cowey's initial email announcement (]
"...We wish to draw your attention to a new section [in BLEP 5.1] of BOEP, “Born-Digital Edtions,” which lists full editions of papyri that appear exclusively in, not having been published previously.  This issue includes three Gothenburg papyri that were only described in H. Frisk’s 1929 publication.  Each edition has been vetted by at least two specialists in the field.  We thank all who have been involved in this, and welcome future submissions from members of the community".
[From Rodney Ast and James Cowey's  email announcement (]

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