Thursday, November 6, 2014

Open Access Journal: Orientalia Suecana

[First posted in AWL 2 June 2011. Updated 6 November 2014]

Orientalia Suecana
ISSN 2156-2253
Orientalia Suecana is an international journal of Indological, Iranian, Semitic, Sinological and Turkic studies founded in 1952 and published anually or biannualy. Further information about the journal is available here, including information about earlier volumes and an electronic order form.

Contents of Orientalia Suecana

Table of contents for volumes 1 (1952) to 59 (2010).
Full text of volume 1953:2
Full-text of volumes 58 (2009) to 61 (2012):
  • 58 (2009)
  • 59 (2010), including a special section on "Impersonal constructions", edited by Carina Jahani and Åke Viberg.
  • 60 (2011), including a special section on "Dissent in South Asian literary cultures", edited by Heinz Werner Wessler and Alessandra Consolaro.
  • 61 (2012), published in 2013, including a special section on "Iranian linguistics", edited by Geoffrey Haig and Carina Jahani

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  1. Are there plans to publish volumes 1-57 online as open access?

    Many thanks.