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More Open Access Journals: Group 1

In an effort to make the List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies canonical and comprehensive, I will add additional journals in groups of twenty All of these have been accessible via Abzu for varying lengths of time. This offers me the opportunity to check all the links and repair the broken ones.

All of these are now listed here.

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Early Christian and Byzantine art monographs from the Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg

Frühchristliche und byzantinische Kunst
Zu den Beständen des Sondersammelgebietes Kunstgeschichte der UB Heidelberg gehört auch ein Komplex von Büchern des 17. bis frühen 19. Jahrhunderts zur frühchristlichen und byzantinischen Kunst, der nach und nach digitalisiert und via Internet kostenfrei zugänglich gemacht werden soll.

The special collection for art history of the UB Heidelberg, also contains a collection of books from the 17th until the early 19th century about early Christian and Byzantine art. These holdings are gradually being digitised and made available online, free of charge.

Two additional Croatian open access archaeology journals

Archaeologica Adriatica
ISSN: 1846-4807
Archaeologica Adriatica is a journal of exclusively archaeological character involved in explicating various archaeological themes and questions related to the Adriatic Sea region and the area bordering it. This definitely includes those areas that in earlier (archaeological, historical) periods composed cultural units. Journal will publish texts extending from the prehistoric period and the period of antiquity to the medieval period. Texts dealing with aspects of later periods will also be considered if they have clear connections to archaeology. Articles indirectly related to archaeology (ethnology and history, for instance) will also be published, as well as works dealing with methodology, museum studies. and the protection of cultural monuments. All texts will be published in Croatian. At present only extensive summaries will be published in foreign languages, but in future we hope to begin with parallel translations of the complete articles.

Vol. 2 No. 1

Vol. 2 No. 2

Vol. 1 No. 1

Histria archaeologica
The journal Histria archaeologica has been published periodically since 1970. It emerged from the need to publish archeological and museological results in one specialized journal. The articles are thematically related to archeology and art of the Istrian and Kvarner region.

Vol. 37 No. 37

Vol. 36 No. 36

Vol. 35 No. 35

Both of these titles are hosted by Hrcak Portal of scientific journals of Croatia is a large (196 journals) collection of online periodicals from Coratia supported by the Ministry of science education and sports, developed and maintained by the University computing centre and based on the idea from the Croatian Information and Documentation Society. All the ancient oriented titles in the collection are listed in AWOL's Alphabetical list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies.

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Open Access Syrian Archaeology

n.b.: The Studia Orontica server is unresponsive in April 2013 - fortunately there is a version of the site in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine here. In the hope that the server will return, I retain the original links below. 

The website of Studia Orontica provides open access to

Studia Orontica (six volumes available - already cited in AWOL)

Les Annales Archeologiques Arabes Syriennes (AAAS)

(table of contents)
Vol. XLIX-L Arabic | English
(Full text)
and to a program of exhibition, and the catalogues of those exhibitions:

One Tounsend Objects
The 2008 Programe
Men and Women from Syria
the Neolithic Art Pioneers
le Bronze
When men made
stones for gods.
Les premiers chariots
de l'Antiquite
Luxurious Object for Women
Tradition funéraire syrienne

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Open Access to the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum

Roger Pearse provides us with a list of volumes in the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum available online [and for a more recent list see here]:

Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum

The Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (CSEL) is a series of critical editions of the Latin Church Fathers published by a committee of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
The CSEL is intended to include the ecclesiastical authors who wrote in Latin from the late 2nd century AD until the death of Bede in 735. The texts are edited on the basis of all extant manuscripts and according to the principles of modern textual criticism and thus aim to provide a critical replacement for the corresponding volumes of the Patrologia Latina.
Vol. 1 SULPICIUS SEVERUS, Opera – ed. C. Halm 1866; PSEUDO-SULPICIUS SEVERUS, Epistulae – ed. C. Halm 1866
Vol. 2 FIRMICUS MATERNUS, De errore profanarum religionum – ed. C. Halm 1869; MINUCIUS FELIX – ed. C. Halm 1867
Vol. 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 CYPRIANUS, Opera – ed. W. Hartel 1868/71
Vol. 4 ARNOBIUS, Adversus nationes – ed. A. Reifferscheid 1875
Vol. 5 OROSIUS, Historiae adversus paganos, Apologeticus – ed. C. Zangemeister 1882
Vol. 6 ENNODIUS, Opera – ed. W. Hartel 1882
Vol. 7 VICTOR VITENSIS, Historia persecutionis Africanae provinciae, PSEUDO-VICTOR VITENSIS, Passio septem monachorum, Notitia provinciarum et civitatum Africae – ed. M. Petschenig 1881
Vol. 8 SALVIANUS, De gubernatione dei, Epistulae, Ad ecclesiam – ed. F. Pauly 1883
Vol. 9/1 EUGIPPIUS, Epistula ad Probam virginem, Vita S. Severini – ed. P. Knöll 1885
Vol. 9/2 EUGIPPIUS, Excerpta ex operibus S. Augustini – ed. P. Knöll 1886
Vol. 10 SEDULIUS, Carmen paschale, Opus paschale, Epistulae – ed. J. Huemer 1885; editio altera supplementis aucta – cur. V. Panagl 2007
Vol. 11 CLAUDIANUS MAMERTUS, De statu animae, Epistula ad Sapaudum – ed. A. Engelbrecht 1885
Vol. 12 AUGUSTINUS, Speculum, Liber de divinis scripturis – ed. F. Weihrich 1887
Vol. 13 Iohannes CASSIANUS, Conlationes – ed. M. Petschenig 1886; editio altera supplementis aucta – cur. G. Kreuz 2004
Vol. 14 LUCIFER CALARITANUS, De non conveniendo cum haereticis, De regibus apostaticis, De sancto Athanasio, De non parcendo in deum delinquentibus, Moriendum esse pro dei filio, Epistulae – ed. W. Hartel 1886
Vol. 15 COMMODIANUS, Carmen apologeticum, Instructiones – ed. B. Dombart 1887
Vol. 16/1 Poetae Christiani Minores: PAULINUS PETRICORDIAE, Carmina – ed. M. Petschenig; ORIENTIUS, Carmina – ed. R. Ellis; PAULINUS PELLAEUS, Eucharisticos – ed. W. Brandes; CLAUDIUS MARIUS VICTOR, Alethia – ed. C. Schenkl; PROBA, Cento – ed. C. Schenkl; ANONYMUS, Sancti Paulini epigramma, Versus ad gratiam domini, De verbi incarnatione, De ecclesia – ed. C. Schenkl; 1888
Vol. 17 Iohannes CASSIANUS, De institutis coenobiorum et de octo principalium vitiorum remediis, De incarnatione Domini contra Nestorium – ed. M. Petschenig 1888; editio altera supplementis aucta – cur. G. Kreuz 2004
Vol. 18 or here OROSIUS, Commonitorium de errore Priscillianistarum et Origenistarum – ed. G. Schepss 1889
Vol. 18 PRISCILLIANUS, Tractatus, Canones – ed. G. Schepss 1889
Vol. 19 LACTANTIUS, Divinae institutiones, Epitome divinarum institutionum – ed. S. Brandt 1890
Vol. 20 TERTULLIANUS, De spectaculis, De idololatria, Ad nationes, De testimonio animae, Scorpiace, De oratione, De baptismo, De ieiunio, De anima, De pudicitia – ed. A. Reifferscheid, G. Wissowa 1890
Vol. 21 FAUSTUS REIENSIS, Opera – ed. A. Engelbrecht 1891
Vol. 22 HILARIUS PICTAVIENSIS, Tractatus super psalmos – ed. A. Zingerle 1891
Vol. 23 ANONYMUS, (Cypriani) Carmen ad quendam senatorem – ed. R. Peiper 1881
Vol. 23 CYPRIANUS GALLUS, Heptateuchos, Fragmenta, De Sodoma, De Iona propheta; PSEUDO-HILARIUS, In Genesin ad Leonem papam, De martyrio Maccabaeorum, De evangelio – ed. R. Peiper 1891
Vol. 24 IUVENCUS, Evangeliorum libri – ed. J. Huemer 1891
Vol. 25/1, 25/2 AUGUSTINUS, De utilitate credendi, De duabus animabus, Contra Fortunatum Manichaeum, Contra Adimantum, Contra epistulam fundamenti, Contra Faustum Manichaeum, Contra Felicem Manichaeum, De natura boni, Epistula Secundini, Contra Secundinum Manichaeum – ed. J. Zycha 1891/92
Vol. 26 OPTATUS MILEVITANUS, Contra Parmenianum Donatistam, Appendix decem monumentorum veterum – ed. C. Ziwsa 1893
Vol. 27/1 LACTANTIUS, De opificio dei, De ira dei, Carmina, Fragmenta – ed. S. Brandt 1893
Vol. 27/2.127/2.2 2 , LACTANTIUS, De mortibus persecutorum – ed. S. Brandt, G. Laubmann 1897
Vol. 28/1 AUGUSTINUS, De Genesi ad litteram liber imperfectus, De Genesi ad litteram, Locutiones in Heptateuchum – ed. J. Zycha 1894
Vol. 28/2 AUGUSTINUS, Quaestiones in Heptateuchum, Adnotationes in Iob – ed. J. Zycha 1895
Vol. 29 PAULINUS NOLANUS, Epistulae – ed. W. Hartel 1894; editio altera supplementis aucta – cur. M. Kamptner 1999
Vol. 30 PAULINUS NOLANUS, Carmina; PAULINUS PELLAEUS, Oratio – ed. W. Hartel 1894; editio altera supplementis aucta – cur. M. Kamptner 1999
Vol. 31 EUCHERIUS, Opera – ed. C. Wotke 1894
Vol. 32/1 32-1 Praefatio AMBROSIUS, Hexameron, De paradiso, De Cain, De Noe, De Abraham, De Isaac, De bono mortis – ed. C. Schenkl 1896
Vol. 32/2 AMBROSIUS, De Iacob, De Ioseph, De patriarchis, De fuga saeculi, De interpellatione Iob et David, De apologia prophetae David, De Helia, De Nabuthae, De Tobia – ed. C. Schenkl 1897
Vol. 32/4 AMBROSIUS, Expositio evangelii secundum Lucam – ed. C. Schenkl 1902
Vol. 33 AUGUSTINUS, Confessiones – ed. P. Knöll 1896
Vol. 34/1 AUGUSTINUS, Epistulae 1-30 – ed. A. Goldbacher 1895
Vol. 34/2 AUGUSTINUS, Epistulae 31-123 – ed. A. Goldbacher 1898
Vol. 35/1-2 COLLECTIO AVELLANA, ed. O. Günther 1895, 1898
Vol. 36 AUGUSTINUS, Retractationes – ed. P. Knöll 1902
Vol. 37 CASSIODORUS, Contra Apionem – ed. C. Boysen 1898
Vol. 38 FILASTRIUS, Diversarum hereseon liber – ed. F. Marx 1898
Vol. 40/1-40/2 AUGUSTINUS, De civitate Dei – ed. E. Hoffmann 1899/1900
Vol. 41 AUGUSTINUS, De fide et symbolo, De fide et operibus, De agone christiano, De continentia, De bono coniugali, De virginitate, De bono viduitatis, De adulterinis coniugiis, De mendacio, Contra mendacium, De opere monachorum, De divinatione daemonum, De cura pro mortuis gerenda, De patientia – ed. J. Zycha 1900
Vol. 42 AUGUSTINUS, De perfectione iustitiae hominis, De gestis Pelagii, De gratia Christi, De nuptiis et concupiscentia – ed. C. F. Vrba, J. Zycha 1902
Vol. 43 AUGUSTINUS, De consensu evangelistarum – ed. F. Weihrich 1904
Vol. 44 AUGUSTINUS, Epistulae 124-184 – ed. A. Goldbacher 1904
Vol. 45 EVAGRIUS, Altercatio legis inter Simonem Iudaeum et Theophilum Christianum – ed. E. Bratke 1904
Vol. 46 RUFINUS, Interpretatio orationum Gregorii Nazianzeni – ed. A. Engelbrecht 1910
Vol. 47 TERTULLIANUS, De patientia, De carnis resurrectione, Adversus Hermogenem, Adversus Valentinianos, Adversus omnes haereses, Adversus Praxean, Adversus Marcionem – ed. E. Kroymann 1906
Vol. 48 BOETHIUS, In Prophyrii isagogen commenta – ed. S. Brandt 1906
Vol. 49 VICTORINUS PETAVIONENSIS, Opera – ed. J. Haussleiter 1916
Vol. 50 [AMBROSIASTER] PSEUDO-AUGUSTINUS, Quaestiones veteris et novi testamenti – ed. A. Souter 1908
Vol. 51 AUGUSTINUS, Psalmus contra partem Donati, Contra epistulam Parmeniani, De baptismo – ed. M. Petschenig 1908
Vol. 52 AUGUSTINUS, Contra litteras Petiliani, Epistula ad catholicos de secta Donatistarum, Contra Cresconium grammaticum et Donatistam – ed. M. Petschenig 1909
Vol. 53 AUGUSTINUS, De unico baptismo, Breviculus collationis cum Donatistis, Contra partem Donati post gesta, Sermo ad Caesariensis ecclesiae plebem, Gesta cum Emerito Donatistarum episcopo, Contra Gaudentium Donatistarum episcopum – ed. M. Petschenig 1910
Vol. 54 HIERONYMUS, Epistulae 1-70 – ed. I. Hilberg 1910/1918; editio altera supplementis aucta 1996
Vol. 55 HIERONYMUS, Epistulae 71-120 – ed. I. Hilberg 1910/1918; editio altera supplementis aucta 1996
Vol. 56/1 HIERONYMUS, Epistulae 121-154 – ed. I. Hilberg 1910/1918; editio altera supplementis aucta 1996
Vol. 56/2 HIERONYMUS, Epistularum Indices – comp. M. Kamptner 1996
Vol. 57 AUGUSTINUS, Epistulae 185-270 – ed. A. Goldbacher 1911
Vol. 58 AUGUSTINUS, Epistulae: Praefatio et indices – ed. A. Goldbacher 1923
Vol. 59 HIERONYMUS, In Hieremiam prophetam – ed. S. Reiter 1913
Vol. 60 AUGUSTINUS, De peccatorum meritis et remissione et de baptismo parvulorum, De spiritu et littera, De natura et gratia, De natura et origine animae, Contra duas epistulas Pelagianorum – ed. C. F. Vrba, J. Zycha 1913
Vol. 61 PRUDENTIUS, Carmina – ed. J. Bergman 1926
Vol. 62 AMBROSIUS, Expositio de psalmo CXVIII – ed. M. Petschenig 1913, editio altera supplementis aucta – cur. M. Zelzer 1999
Vol. 63 AUGUSTINUS, Contra Academicos, De beata vita, De ordine – ed. P. Knöll 1922
Vol. 64 AMBROSIUS, Explanatio super psalmos XII – ed. M. Petschenig 1919; editio altera supplementis aucta – cur. M. Zelzer 1999
Vol. 65 HILARIUS PICTAVIENSIS, Tractatus mysteriorum, Fragmenta, Ad Constantium Imperatorem, Hymni; PSEUDO-HILARIUS, Epistula ad Abram filiam, Hymni – ed. A. Feder 1916
Vol. 66/1 HEGESIPPUS, Historiae – ed. V. Ussani 1932
Vol. 66/2 HEGESIPPUS, Historiae: Praefatio et indices – comp. C. Mras 1960
Vol. 67 BOETHIUS, De consolatione philosophiae – ed. W. Weinberger 1934
Vol. 68 GAUDENTIUS BRIXIENSIS, Tractatus – ed. A. Glück 1936
Vol. 69 TERTULLIANUS, Apologeticum – ed. H. Hoppe 1939
Vol. 70 TERTULLIANUS, De praescriptione haereticorum, De cultu feminarum, Ad uxorem, De exhortatione castitatis, De corona, De carne Christi, Adversus Iudaeos – ed. E. Kroymann 1942
Vol. 71 CASSIODORUS, Historia tripartita – ed. W. Jacob, R. Hanslik 1952
Vol. 72 ARATOR SUBDIACONUS, De actibus apostolorum (Historia apostolica) – ed. McKinlay 1951
Vol. 73 AMBROSIUS, Explanatio symboli, De sacramentis, De mysteriis, De paenitentia, De excessu fratris Satyri, De obitu Valentiniani, De obitu Theodosii – ed. O. Faller 1955
Vol. 74 AUGUSTINUS, De libero arbitrio – ed. W. M. Green 1956
Vol. 75 BENEDICTUS NURSINUS, Regula – ed. R. Hanslik 1960 (editio altera et correcta 1977)
Vol. 76 TERTULLIANUS, Ad martyras, Ad Scapulam, De fuga in persecutione, De monogamia, De virginibus velandis, De pallio – ed. V. Bulhart 1957
Vol. 76 TERTULLIANUS, De paenitentia – ed. Ph. Borleffs 1957
Vol. 77 AUGUSTINUS, De magistro – ed. G. Weigel 1961
Vol. 77 AUGUSTINUS, De vera religione – ed. W. M. Green 1961
Vol. 78 AMBROSIUS, De fide ad Gratianum Augustum – ed. O. Faller 1962
Vol. 79 AMBROSIUS, De spiritu sancto, De incarnationis dominicae sacramento – ed. O. Faller 1964
Vol. 80 AUGUSTINUS, De doctrina christiana – ed. W. M. Green 1963
Vol. 81/1-3 AMBROSIASTER, Commentarius in epistulas Paulinas – ed. H. J. Vogels
Vol. 82/1-4 AMBROSIUS, Epistulae et acta – ed. O. Faller, M. Zelzer 1968-1996
Vol. 83/1 MARIUS VICTORINUS, Ad Candidum Arrianum, Adversus Arium, De homoousio recipiendo, Hymni – ed. P. Henry, P. Hadot 1971
Vol. 83/2 MARIUS VICTORINUS, In epistulam Pauli ad Ephesios, In epistulam Pauli ad Galatas, In epistulam Pauli ad Philippenses – ed. F. Gori 1986
Vol. 84 AUGUSTINUS, Expositio quarumdam propositionum ex epistula ad Romanos, Epistulae ad Galatas expositio, Epistulae ad Romanos inchoata expositio – ed. J. Divjak 1971
Vol. 85/1-2 AUGUSTINUS, Contra secundam Iuliani responsionem opus imperfectum, lib. 1-3; 4-6 – ed. M. Zelzer 1974; 2004
Vol. 86 RUFINUS, Basili regula – ed. K. Zelzer 1986
Vol. 87 EUGIPPIUS, Regula – ed. F. Villegas, A. De Vogüé 1976
Vol. 88 AUGUSTINUS, Epistulae nuper in lucem prolatae (Epistulae Divjak) – ed. J. Divjak 1981
Vol. 89 AUGUSTINUS, Soliloquia, De inmortalitate animae, De quantitate animae – ed. W. Hörmann 1986
Vol. 90 AUGUSTINUS, De moribus ecclesiae catholicae et de moribus Manichaeorum – ed. J. B. Bauer 1992
Vol. 91 AUGUSTINUS, De Genesi contra Manichaeos – ed. D. Weber 1998
Vol. 92 AUGUSTINUS, Contra sermonem Arrianorum (praecedit Sermo Arrianorum) – ed. M. J. Suda, De correptione et gratia – ed. G. Folliet 2000
Vol. 93/1 AUGUSTINUS, Enarrationes in Psalmos 1-32 (expos.) – ed. C. Weidmann 2003
Vol. 94/1 AUGUSTINUS, Enarrationes in Psalmos 51-60 (expos.) – ed. H. Müller 2004
Vol. 95/3 AUGUSTINUS, Enarrationes in Psalmos 119-133 – ed. F. Gori 2001
Vol. 95/4 AUGUSTINUS, Enarrationes in Psalmos 134-140 – ed. F. Gori adiuvante F. Recanatini 2002
Vol. 95/5 AUGUSTINUS, Enarrationes in Psalmos 141-150 – ed. F. Gori adiuvante I. Spaccia 2005
Vol. 96 ANONYMUS, In Iob commentarius – ed. K. B. Steinhauser adiuvantibus H. Müller et D. Weber 2006

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Open Access Archives: Griffith Institute

[First listed in AWOL 10/16/09. Updated 5/24/10]

The Griffith Institute Archive
The Griffith Institute is a part of the University of Oxford and is situated in the new Sackler Library in St John Street in Oxford, close to the Ashmolean Museum. It was created as the result of a bequest by F. Ll. Griffith (1862-1934), the first Professor of Egyptology at Oxford, in 1937 in order to provide 'a permanent home ... for the study of the ancient languages and antiquities of the Near East'. Its original, now demolished, building was opened in 1939 ( The Institute moved into its new home in the Sackler Library in 2001.
Records in the archive of the Griffith Institute

AINSLIE, (Revd) Alexander C. (1831-1903)
Album of drawings and watercolour sketches made in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Syria and Palestine in 1853.

ARUNDALE, Francis (1807-1853)

BARNS, (Revd) John Wintour Baldwin (1912-1974)
Papers, including notebooks and indexes.
Transcriptions of hieratic documents.

BARRY, (Sir) Charles (1795-1860)
Two albums of drawings, plans, etc., of Egyptian monuments.

BARTLETT, William Henry (1809-1854)

BAUMGARTEL, Elise Jenny (1892-1975)
Manuscript material in preparation of her book Egypt's Beginnings. Photographs of Predynastic objects in Brooklyn Museum of Art.

BIRCH, Samuel (1813-1885)
Several notebooks.

BLACKMAN, Aylward Manley (1883-1956)

BONOMI, Joseph (1799-1878)
Drawings, watercolours and sketches made in Egypt, Nubia, Palestine, and elsewhere.
Preliminary report.

BRADBURY (later GRIFFITH), Kate (1854-1902)
Three boxes and two notebooks.

BROOME, Myrtle Florence (1888-1978)

BRUNTON, Guy (1878-1948)
Drawings, indexes, and correspondence, concerning button seals, and negatives of the Matmar excavation.

BRUNTON, Winifred Mabel (1880-1959)
One watercolour.

BURTON, Harry (1879-1940), see TAA Archive

CALVERLEY, Amice Mary (1896-1959)
Photographs and transparencies of the Temples of Sethos I and Ramesses II at Abydos.

CARTER, Howard (1874-1939)
Notebooks, notes, maps, drawings, watercolours, etc.
MSS. Group I. G
(maps and plans, including the tomb of Tutankhamun).
MSS. Group vi and vii
Records of work carried out in the Valley of the Kings before the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.
Records of excavations in the Delta and Middle Egypt.
See also TAA Archive.

CATON-THOMPSON, Gertrude (1888-1985)
Notes, papers, correspondence, etc., on prehistoric Faiyûm.

CERNÝ, Jaroslav (1898-1970)
Papers, including notebooks, copies, transcriptions, photographs, indexes and correspondence.
Transcriptions of hieratic documents.

CLACKSON, Sarah Joanne (1965-2003)
Various papers, photographs, correspondence, etc., mainly concerning Coptic and Greek papyri and ostraca and Coptic archaeology.

CLARK, Robert Thomas Rundle (1909-1970)
Notebooks and notes.

CLARKE, Somers (1841-1926)
Notebooks, notes, plans, tracings, photographs, and correspondence, including El- Kâb material.

CLÈRE, Jacques Jean (1906-1989)
Notes, copies, negatives and photographs, impressions of texts, card-indexes, etc.
Preliminary catalogue
and a biographical note.

CRAWFORD, Osbert Guy Stanhope (1886-1957)
Maps, plans and drawings.

CRUM, Walter Ewing (1865-1944)
Coptic papers, including notebooks, copies, photographs, dictionary slips, and correspondence.

DAKIN, Alec N. (1912-2003)

DAVIES, Norman de Garis (1865-1941) and Anna (Nina) Macpherson (1881-1965)
Papers, including notebooks, notes, tracings and squeezes, made in Theban tombs and elsewhere, photographs, collection of coloured hieroglyphic signs, indexes of scenes in Theban tombs, etc.

DAWSON, Warren Royal (1888-1968)
A diary and a list of publications.

DENNIS, James Teackle (1865-1918)
Some 250 facsimile copies of graffiti and ostraca from Deir el-Bahri, made during Naville's excavations in 1906-7.

DÉVAUD, Eugène Victor (1878-1929)
Coptic etymological index and various notes and studies.

DODGSON, Aquila (1829-1919)

DRIVER, (Sir) Godfrey Rolles (1892-1975)
A collection of 19th-century photographs of Jerusalem, Lebanon, etc.

EDWARDS, Amelia Ann Blandford (1831-1892)
Notebook with various notes and extracts, 1881-8. Albums containing watercolours and sketches, some used in A Thousand Miles up the Nile.

EDWARDS, Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen (1909-1996)
Notes on Australian museums, made with D. O'Connor.

Original drawings made for various publications.

EISLER, Robert (1882-1949)
Manuscript of a monograph on the constellations of the Babylonian and Egyptian spheres.

EMERY, Walter Bryan (1903-1971).
Photographs, tracings and plans of several Theban tombs.

ENGELBACH, Reginald (1888-1946)
Site index to the Journal d'Entrée and the Temporary register of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

FOUCART, Georges (1865-1943)
Visitor's book 1925-1948

GARDINER, (Sir) Alan Henderson (1879-1963)
Notebooks, copies, transcriptions, photographs, indexes (including a vocabulary of the Pyramid Texts), correspondence, etc.
Transcriptions of hieratic documents.

Sample catalogue.

GELL, (Sir) William (1777-1836)
Three notebooks.

GOLENISHCHEV, Vladimir Semionovich (1856-1947)
Copies of texts, mostly from Theban tombs.

GRDSELOFF, Bernhard (1915-1950)
Papers, including notebooks, notes, copies, photographs, and correspondence.
Transcriptions of hieratic documents.

GREEN, Frederick William (1869-1949)
Original painting of the "Decorated Tomb" at Hierakonpolis.

GRIFFITH, Francis Llewellyn (1862-1934)
Papers, including notes, notebooks, photographs, and squeezes, records of Oxford Excavations in Nubia, and correspondence.
Transcriptions of hieratic documents.

Items which cannot be incorporated into other series. Includes photographs of Egyptologists, photographs taken during the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun (other than CARTER MSS.), etc.

Photographs from various sources, including 19th-century "studio photographs" by Abdullah Frères, A. Beato, F. Bonfils, W. Hammerschmidt, P. Sébah and others.

Paper squeezes from various sources.

GRIFFITHS, John Gwyn (1911-2004)
Miscellaneous papers. Recent acquisition, not yet available for consultation.

GUNN, Battiscombe George (1883-1950)
Papers, including notebooks, notes, photographs, squeezes, tracings and indexes.
Transcriptions of hieratic documents.

GURNEY, Oliver Robert (1911-2001)
Correspondence and notes on related topics. Non-Egyptological.

HARDEN, Donald Benjamin (1901-1995)
Transcripts of diaries kept during his stay as a Commonwealth Fund Fellow at the University of Michigan 1926-8, and albums of photographs taken during trips to Italy, Tunisia and Egypt 1923-9.

HARDEN, (Rt. Revd) John Mason (1871-1931)
Fifteen notebooks on Ethiopic.

HAWKER, Edward James (fl. 1850-2)
Three albums of drawings and watercolours.

HEATHCOTE, Reginald St. Alban (1888-1951)
Negatives of photographs taken at various sites c.1922-33.
Database of selected photographs
and brief biography.

HESS von WYSS, Jean-Jacques (1866-1949)
Notebooks and notes on demotic and Meroitic, including copies of papyri and squeezes.

HINCKS, (Revd) Edward (1792-1866)
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers.

HOREAU, Hector (1801-1872)
Watercolours of Egypt painted in 1838 (many are the originals of Panorama d'Égypte et de Nubie).
Online publication

HORSFALL, (Capt) R. E. (?-?)
Negatives of Egyptian sites and monuments taken before 1914.

HOSKINS, George Alexander (1802-1863)
Three albums of drawings and sketches.

JELF, C. G. (1886-1915)
Notebook containing notes on work in Theban tombs, financed by Sir Robert Mond, 1909-10.

JOHNSON, John de Monins (1882-1956)
Negatives taken during the excavations at Antinoë, 1913-14.

KAHLE, Paul Eric (1923-1955)
Coptic papers, including notebooks and indexes.

KIRWAN, (Sir) Laurence P.

Twenty albumen prints of scenes from the Temple of Haroeris and Sobk Triads at Kôm Ombo.

LANE, Edward William (1801-1876)
Drawings, notebooks, notes and correspondence.

LEE, John (1783-1866)
Notebook, and lithographs of some monuments by Madeley.

LEEK, Frank Filce (1903-1985)
Notes on organic remains from the tomb of Tutankhamun, correspondence.

LIEDER, (Revd) Rudolph Theophilus (1798-1865), and Alice (née Holliday) (?-1868)
Paper squeezes of monuments made in Egypt 1850-3.

LUCAS, Alfred (1867-1945), see TAA Archive.

MACE, Arthur Cruttenden (1874-1928), see TAA Archive.

MACKAY, Ernest John Henry (1880-1943), see MOND, (Sir) Robert L.

MARIETTE, François Auguste Ferdinand (1821-1881)
Catalogue of objects found in the Serapeum at Saqqâra in 1850-2 and now in the Louvre. Copied by Mrs M. M. Emery.

MILEHAM, Geoffrey Spurrell (?-?)

MILNE, Joseph Grafton (1867-1951)
Two albums of photographs of Sinai and other sites.

MOND, (Sir) Robert Ludwig (1867-1938)
Prints and negatives of scenes in Theban tombs, notebook and notes (some by EMERY, W. B. and MACKAY, E. J. H.).

MOSS, (Col) W. E. (?-?)
Newspaper cuttings.

MURRAY, Margaret Alice (1863-1963)
Notes on The Hierakonpolis finds.

NAGEL, Georges (1899-1956)
Two albums of photographs taken at Deir el-Medîna.

NAVILLE, Henri Édouard (1844-1926)
Original drawings for The Temple of Deir el Bahari.

NEWBERRY, Percy Edward (1869-1949)
Papers, including notebooks, notes, copies, photographs and correspondence.

NEWBOLD, (Sir) Douglas (1894-1945)
Two volumes on history and archaeology of the Beja tribes of the Eastern Sudan.

NEWTON, Francis Giesler (1878-1924)
Article on churches in Sardinia and watercolours of Italian architectural features. (Non-Egyptological.)

O'CONNOR, D. (1938-)
Notes on some objects in Sydney, Nicholson Museum.

PAGET, Rosalind Frances Emily (1844-1925)
Coloured drawings of hieroglyphs.

PEET, Thomas Eric (1882-1934)
Notebooks with copies and transcriptions and various indexes.
Transcriptions of hieratic documents.

PETRIE, (Lady) Hilda Mary Isabel (1871-1956)
Two albums with mostly non-Egyptian photographs and postcards.

PETRIE, (Sir) William Matthew Flinders (1853-1942)
Two notebooks, "journals" consisting of letters sent home from Petrie's excavations, and eight albums of photographs taken in Egypt and Italian museums. Notes and copies made at Gîza, Saqqâra, Dahshûr, etc., are among the papers of SAYCE, A. H.
Scans and transcripts of "journals" for 1880-1 and 1881-2.

PORTER, Bertha (1852-1941)
Copies of some stelae in the British Museum.

REMELÉ, Ph. (1844-1883)
Twenty-one photographs of the temples at el-Khârga and el-Dâkhla, taken in 1873-4.

RENOUF, (Sir) Peter Le Page (1822-1897)

RHONÉ, Arthur (1836-1910)
Notes and correspondence.

ROEDER, Günther (1881-1966)
Photographs, tracings and squeezes of Dodecaschoenus graffiti.

ROSS, John Gordon (1920-2006)
Transparencies, negatives, prints.
Online presentation of some of John Ross's
photographs of Egypt.

ROWE, Alan (1891-1968)
Copies of reports, photographs and correspondence connected with Beisan excavations by Philadelphia University.

SAYCE, (Revd) Archibald Henry (1845-1933)
Some notes, including copies made by W. M. F. Petrie.

SCHARFF, Alexander (1892-1950)
Synopsis of Theban tomb scenes.

SCHOTT, Siegfried (1897-1972)
Negatives and prints of scenes in Theban tombs.

SEGAL, Walter (1907-1985)
Notes, drawings and photographs of furniture from the tomb of Tutankhamun.
Online publication.

SELIGMAN, Charles Gabriel (1873-1940)
Drawings of Meroitic subjects.

SIMPSON, James Parker (1841-1897)
Some 50 photographs taken in Egypt in 1888. Copyright Simon B. Simpson OBE.
For a note about the Simpson photograph on the website of the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East, by Jaromir Malek, click here and then on Notes & Queries.

SLOLEY, Robert Walter (1879-1958)
Various notes.

SMITHER, Paul C. (1914-1943)
Notebook concerning pReisner I.
Transcriptions of hieratic documents.


SPIEGELBERG, Wilhelm (1870-1930)
Fundjournal I, Theben, 7. Nov. 1898 - 27. Jan. 1899
, and II, 27. Jan. - 9. Feb. 1899, and squeezes made in Theban tombs.

STEWART, William Arnold (1882-1953)
Notes on the restoration of furniture of Queen Hetepheres. A copy of unpublished Creative Work in Palestine.

STOBART, (Revd) Henry (1824-1895)
Squeezes made in Theban tombs and the Valley of the Kings, see Griffith Institute squeezes 4.1- 106.

TAA Archive [TAA = Tutankhamun]
Records of the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun and related material, by H. Carter, H. Burton, A.C. Mace, A. Lucas, and others. Catalogue.

THOMPSON, Sir Henry Francis Herbert (1859-1944)
Greek dictionary card index.


WAINWRIGHT, Gerald Avery (1879-1964)
Photographs of Egyptian sites and museum objects.

WEIGALL, Arthur Edward Pearse Brome (1880-1934)
Negatives, mainly connected with the tomb of Tut ankhamun.

WELLCOME, (Sir) Henry (1853-1936)
Journals, excavation records (Abû Geili, Jebel Moya, Saqadi, Dar el-Mek, etc.), indexes, maps, plans and photographs.

WILD, James William (1814-1892)
Notebooks, drawings and plans.

WILKINSON, (Sir) John Gardner (1797-1875)
Journal 1841-2 and some correspondence.

WILLIAMS, John (1797-1874)
Four albums of rubbings.

WYLIE (?-?)
Negatives of Egypt, Greece and Palestine.

YATES, Miss ? (?-?)
Negatives of Cairo.

Records of Howard Carter's work in the Valley of the Kings and the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun:

Maps, plans and drawings

The Search for Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation

Online publication of notes, drawings and photographs of furniture from the tomb of Tutankhamun, made by Walter Segal

Hector Horeau's watercolours made in Egypt in 1838

Theban tomb tracings made by Norman and Nina de Garis Davies

Portraits and manuscript images of handwriting of Egyptologists

19th-century photographs of Egypt and the Near East:

Photographs of Egypt by John Ross

Photographs of Egypt 1922-1933 by Reginald St. Alban Heathcote

Paper squeezes made in various tombs at Thebes during the 19th century:

The visitor's book of the George Foucart family, Cairo 1925-1948

Checklist of transcribed hieratic documents in the Archive of the Griffith Institute:

Flinders Petrie's "Journals":


Catalogues and lists of other archive material in the Griffith Institute:

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

University of Michigan Press books open access at HathiTrust

New digital access options for U-M Press titles

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (Oct. 8, 2009)—The University of Michigan Press is joining with HathiTrust Digital Library to open electronic content for free online access. U-M Press plans to have 1,000 or more titles available for full viewing by the end of this year.

Launched in 2008, HathiTrust is a digital preservation repository and research management tool for the world's great research libraries, focused on providing scholars in the digital age with the largest collection of electronic research material this side of Google Book Search and large-scale, full-text searching and archiving tools to manage it...

At this time the following titles in ancient studes are available in this collection

Title: The Aphrodite of Knidos and her successors : a historical review of the female nude in Greek art / Christine Mitchell Havelock.
Author: Havelock, Christine Mitchell.
Date: 2007

Title: Archimedes and the Roman imagination / Mary Jaeger.
Author: Jaeger, Mary, 1960-
Date: 2008

Title: Athenian financial documents of the fifth century, by Benjamin Dean Meritt.
Author: Meritt, Benjamin Dean, 1899-1989.
Date: 1932

Title: The Augustinian epic, Petrarch to Milton / J. Christopher Warner.
Author: Warner, J. Christopher (James Christopher), 1961-
Date: 2005

Title: Ceremony and power : performing politics in Rome between Republic and Empire / Geoffrey S. Sumi.
Author: Sumi, Geoffrey S., 1963-
Date: 2005

Title: Clemency & cruelty in the Roman world / Melissa Barden Dowling.
Author: Dowling, Melissa Barden.
Date: 2006

Title: Coins from Seleucia on the Tigris, by Robert Harbold McDowell.
Author: McDowell, Robert Harbold, 1894-
Date: 1935

Title: Discovering the Greek countryside at Metaponto / Joseph Coleman Carter.
Author: Carter, Joseph Coleman.
Date: 2006

Title: East Central & Eastern Europe in the Early Middle Ages / Florin Curta, editor.
Date: 2005

Title: Elementary Latin: I
Author: Crawford, Grace A.
Date: 1963

Title: Elementary Latin: II
Author: Crawford, Grace A.
Date: 1963

Title: From monastery to hospital : Christian monasticism & the transformation of health care in late antiquity / Andrew T. Crislip.
Author: Crislip, Andrew T. (Andrew Todd)
Date: 2005

Title: The Greek and Latin literary texts from Greco-Roman Egypt.
Author: Pack, Roger Ambrose, 1907-
Date: 1952

Title: The Hellenistic monarchies : selected papers / Christian Habicht.
Author: Habicht, Christian.
Date: 2006

Title: How the Incas built their heartland : state formation and the innovation of imperial strategies in the Sacred Valley, Peru / R. Alan Covey.
Author: Covey, R. Alan, 1974-
Date: 2006

Title: The idea of the theater in Latin Christian thought : Augustine to the fourteenth century / Donnalee Dox.
Author: Dox, Donnalee.
Date: 2004

Title: Law and the rural economy in the Roman Empire / Dennis P. Kehoe.
Author: Kehoe, Dennis P.
Date: 2006

Title: The laws of the Roman people : public law in the expansion and decline of the Roman Republic / Callie Williamson.
Author: Williamson, Callie.
Date: 2004

Title: The learned collector : mythological statuettes and classical taste in late antique Gaul / Lea M. Stirling.
Author: Stirling, Lea Margaret.
Date: 2005

Title: Life and thought in the ancient Near East / Louis L. Orlin.
Author: Orlin, Louis L. (Louis Lawrence)
Date: 2007

Title: The march up country;
Author: Xenophon.
Date: 1958

Title: The myths of fiction : studies in the canonical Greek novels / Edmund P. Cueva.
Author: Cueva, Edmund P., 1964-
Date: 2004

Title: Neo-Babylonian business and administrative documents; with transliteration, translation and notes,
Author: Moore, Ellen Whitley, ed. and tr. 1889-
Date: 1935

Title: News and frontier consciousness in the late Roman Empire / Mark W. Graham.
Author: Graham, Mark W., 1970-
Date: 2006

Title: The odyssey / Homer ; translated by Rodney Merrill ; with introductions by Thomas R. Walsh and Rodney Merrill.
Author: Homer.
Date: 2002

Title: The Peloponnesian War; the Thomas Hobbes translation. Edited by David Grene, with an introd. by Bertrand de Jouvenel.
Author: Thucydides.
Date: 1959

Title: The phonology and morphology of royal Achaemenid Elamite.
Author: Paper, Herbert H. (Herbert Harry), 1925-
Date: 1955

Title: Present shock in late fifth-century Greece / Francis M. Dunn.
Author: Dunn, Francis M.
Date: 2007

Title: Reading after Actium : Vergil's Georgics, Octavian, and Rome / Christopher Nappa.
Author: Nappa, Christopher.
Date: 2005

Title: Rethinking reality : Lucretius and the textualization of nature / Duncan F. Kennedy.
Author: Kennedy, Duncan F.
Date: 2002

Title: The rise of the Chinese Empire / Chun-shu Chang.
Author: Chang, Chun-shu, 1934-
Date: 2007

Title: Romans in a New World : classical models in sixteenth-century Spanish America / David A. Lupher.
Author: Lupher, David A., 1947-
Date: 2003

Title: Speculum iuris : Roman law as a reflection of social and economic life in antiquity / edited by Jean-Jacques Aubert and Boudewijn Sirks.
Date: 2002

Title: Stamped and inscribed objects from Seleucia on the Tigris, by Robert Harbold McDowell.
Author: McDowell, Robert Harbold, 1894-
Date: 1935

Title: Structural patterns and proportions in Vergil's Aeneid, a study in mathematical composition / by George E. Duckworth.
Author: Duckworth, George Eckel, 1903-
Date: 1962

Title: Theogony ; and, Works and days / Hesiod ; translated and with introductions by Catherine M. Schlegel and Henry Weinfield.
Author: Hesiod.
Date: 2006

Title: Thutmose III : a new biography / Eric H. Cline and David O'Connor, editors.
Date: 2006

Title: Tragedy, rhetoric, and the historiography of Tacitus' Annales / Francesca Santoro L'Hoir.
Author: Santoro L'Hoir, Francesca.
Date: 2006

Title: Vergil's Aeneid and the Roman self : subject and nation in literary discourse / Yasmin Syed.
Author: Syed, Yasmin, 1964-
Date: 2005

Title: Women's letters from ancient Egypt, 300 BC-AD 800 / Roger S. Bagnall and Raffaella Cribiore ; with contributions by Evie Ahtaridis.
Author: Bagnall, Roger S.
Date: 2006