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Open Access Journal: Anuarul Sargetia

Anuarul Sargetia
ISSN: 1013-4255
Deva Museum was established in the late nineteenth century. It conducted, right from the beginning, a European level research with the help of its specialists. Researches results, published in the society yearbook, A Hunyadmegyei Történelmi és Régészeti Társulat Évkönyve, and other prestigious journals of the time, made known the antiques of Hunedoara. History and Archaeology Society Yearbook of Hunedoara County appeared in 22 volumes between 1882 and 1914.

Since 1925, through the efforts of then-museum director, Iosif Mallász, continued the appearance of a museum yearbook entitled Hunedoara County Museum Publications, the numbers I (XXIII) 1924 – III-IV (XXV-XXVI) 1927-1928. Although only three volumes appeared, the magazine was a welcome task of presenting the scientific work.

In 1937 appeared, through the care of dr. doc. Octavian Floca and under museum aegis, the journal Acta Musei Regionalis Devensis – Sargetia, which came quickly into prominence among specialists.

Floca Octavian’s initiative, although imposed somewhat difficult, became a milestone in the scientific research. Consequently, for over seven decades, the magazine Sargetia acted as a catalyst for the scientific concerns of different groups of authors, from members of the Romanian Academy to teachers and professors of education institutions and universities, from staff members of Deva Museum to curators and researchers of the country, from academics to simple but the more enthusiasts upon history issues.

Sinuous, the magazine development experienced in the early years a number of difficulties, reflected in more than sporadic appearance: the first number in 1937, the second in 1941, while the third is printed only in 1956. The latter has even changed its name. If the numbers published in the interwar period bore the title of Sargetia. Acta Musei Regionalis Devensis.Hunedoara County Museum Bulletin, one from 1956, was basically wanted to trigger a complete break with the past and was named Contributions to the Knowledge of Hunedoara Region. Hunedoara Regional Museum, Deva. That must be contextualized to the epoch and existing national cultural guidelines. However, after a new break of 10 years, the magazine appearance is resumed under the name of Sargetia. Acta Musei Regionalis Devensis, later only Sargetia. Acta Musei Devensis.

Until 2008 were published 36 numbers, and since the current serie

s began in 2010, the periodical has been taking into account, on the one hand, the yearbook tradition while aligning, on the other hand, with the scientific and journalistic requirements of the twenty-first century.

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