Friday, November 2, 2012

Open Access Journal: Biblijski pogledi (Biblical Perspectives)

Biblijski pogledi (Biblical Perspectives)
ISSN:  1330-1497
The Biblijski pogledi (Biblical Perspectives) is an academic journal published by the Adventistički teološki fakultet (Adriatic Union College) in Maruševec, Croatia. Biblical Perspectives publishes original scientific papers, already published scientific texts of special significance, review articles, professional papers, article/book reviews and brief notes on the following subjects: Biblical linguistics and its cognates, history of Biblical text and translations, Biblical theology, textual criticism, exegesis, Biblical archeology and geography, church history, systematic theology, philosophy of religion, ethics, missiology and special areas relating to Christian ministry and to religious education. This inter-disciplinary nature of the journal opens itself to the cooperation with other fields of scientific thinking in the complex world we live in. Biblical Perspectives publishes in Croatian, English, German, and French.
Vol. 5   No. 1i2
Vol. 4   No. 2
Vol. 4   No. 1
Vol. 3   No. 2
Vol. 3   No. 1
Vol. 2   No. 2
Vol. 2   No. 1
Vol. 1   No. 2
Vol. 1   No. 1

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