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Sidestone Press e-library

Sidestone e-library
We believe scientific information should be available at all time, at all places and to each and every one. Therefore everyone is free to browse, search and read most of our publications online in our digital library. We only ask a small fee for downloading the PDF, this helps us keeping our library running! 
Among Sidestone titles relating to antiquity are:

Carthage. Fact and Myth

Edited by Roald Docter, Ridha Boussoffara & Pieter ter Keurs

Carthage is mainly known as the city that was utterly destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC. This book tells the story about this fascinating city, which for centuries was...
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Het handgevormde aardewerk uit de ijzertijd en de Romeinse tijd van Oss-Ussen. Studies naar typochronologie, technologie en herkomst

Peter van den Broeke

De vaak honderden aardewerkfragmenten die in Oss-Ussen werden aangetroffen in waterputten, kuilen, greppels en huisplattegronden vormden het aangrijpingspunt voor een studie naar het aardewerk uit een min of meer aaneengesloten...
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Goedereede-Oude Oostdijk. Een havenplaats uit de Romeinse tijd

Jasper de Bruin, Guus Besuijen, Hans Siemons & Jeroen van Zoolingen

Even ten noorden van Goedereede, in de Oude Oostdijkpolder, bevond zich in de Romeinse tijd een nederzettingsterrein. Hier vonden in de jaren ’50 en ’80 van de twintigste eeuw opgravingen...
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Chasing Chariots. Proceedings of the first international chariot conference (Cairo 2012)

Edited by André J. Veldmeijer & Salima Ikram

The present work is the result of the First International Chariot Conference, jointly organised by the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC) and the American University in Cairo (AUC)...
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 RODANUM. A Study of the Roman Settlement at Aardenburg and its Metal Finds

Guus Besuijen

Beneath the surface of Aardenburg, a small town in the south-western part of the Netherlands, lie the remains of a Roman settlement that is presumed to have been named Rodanum....
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 Life on the watershed. Reconstructing subsistence in a steppe region using archaeological survey: a diachronic perspective on habitation in the Jordan Valley

Eva Kaptijn

The scarcity of water is a major problem in many parts of the Near East today and has been so in the past. To survive in such a region people...
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Schliemann en Nederland. Een leven vol verhalen

Wout Arentzen

De beroemde archeoloog, zakenman en reiziger Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890) legde de basis voor zijn fortuin in Nederland. Dit boek beschrijft zijn leven daarom vanuit een Nederlands perspectief. Al kort na...
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Without having seen the Queen. The 1846 European travel journal of Heinrich Schliemann: a transcription and annotated translation

Christo Thanos & Wout Arentzen

Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890), a shrewd trader and later in life one of the best known archaeologists of the 19th century, made many travels around the world. He recorded his experiences...
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European Archaeology Abroad. Global Settings, Comparative Perspectives

Edited by S.J. van der Linde, M.H. van den Dries, N. Schlanger and C.G. Slappendel

What are European archaeologists doing abroad? What have they been doing there for the past three to four centuries? Are they doing things differently nowadays? To address these questions, this...
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Challenging climate change. Competition and cooperation among pastoralists and agriculturalists in northern Mesopotamia (c. 3000-1600 BC)

Arne Wossink

Throughout history, climate change has been an important driving force behind human behaviour. This archaeological study seeks to understand the complex interrelations between that behaviour and climatic fluctuations, focussing on...
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Leatherwork from Qasr Ibrim (Egypt). Part I: Footwear from the Ottoman Period

André J. Veldmeijer

Throughout its long history, stretching from the 25th Dynasty (c. 752-656 BC) to the Ottoman Period (c. 1500-1811 AD), Qasr Ibrim was one of the most important settlements in Egyptian Nubia. The site has produced an unprecedented wealth of material and due to the – even for Egypt – extraordinary preservation circumstances, includes objects that are made of perishable organic materials, such as wood, leather, and flax. The present volume focuses on one of these groups: footwear that is made from leather and dated to the Ottoman Period.
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Sandals, shoes and other leatherwork from the Coptic Monastery Deir el-Bachit. Analysis and Catalogue

André J. Veldmeijer

This book contains an analysis and detailed catalogue of sandals, shoes and other leatherwork from the Coptic Monastery Deir el-Bachit. It is the largest Coptic monastery complex preserved in Western Thebes and the first monastery that has been systematically investigated. The excavation of the monastery was started as a DFG-Project des Ägyptologischen Instituts der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in close collaboration with the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut Abteilung Kairo.
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Tutankhamun’s Footwear. Studies of Ancient Egyptian Footwear

André J. Veldmeijer

The discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of all time. It took Carter and his team 10 years to clear the contents of the tomb and among the objects found was a large collection of shoes and sandals. The footwear is analysed here in detail for the first time since the discovery using Carter’s records and Harry Burton’s excellent photographs along with the author’s analyses of the objects, all of which are housed in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo and the Luxor Museum.
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Amarna’s Leatherwork. Part I. Preliminary analysis and catalogue

André J. Veldmeijer

The ancient Egyptian city of Tell el-Amarna (or Amarna, ancient Akhetaten) was the short-lived capital built by the controversial Pharaoh Akhenaten, probably the father of the famous Tutankhamun. This volume, the first of two, presents the leatherwork excavated at the site by these various expeditions. The book consists of two parts: the catalogue and the preliminary analysis.
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Egyptian Bioarchaeology

Humans, Animals, and the Environment

Edited by Salima Ikram, Jessica Kaiser & Roxie Walker | 2015 | 978-90-8890-287-1

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Although the bioarchaeology (study of biological remains in an archaeological context) of Egypt has been documented in a desultory way for many decades, it is...
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