Saturday, April 11, 2020

Diorisis Search 0.5-β

Diorisis Search 0.5-β

[ made in 2020 by Alessandro Vatri ]

Diorisis Search is an application designed to build and run complex queries on the Diorisis Ancient Greek Corpus (Vatri and McGillivray 2018) through an intuitive graphic interface.
The corpus is published as a collection of TEI-compliant XML files. The application search engine runs on JSON data, which is generated on the fly by converting the XML files.
The DEMO version is limited to the following four texts bundled with the app:
  • Homer - Iliad
  • Herodotus - Histories
  • Lysias - On the Murder of Eratosthenes
  • Sophocles - Oedipus Tyrannus


Download Mac Demo (OSX 10.11 or higher)
76Mb      59 downloads
Download Windows Demo
82Mb      28 downloads
The Windows version is portable (i.e. it does no

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