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Online Soncino Babylonian Talmud Translation

B.A., Ph.D., D. Lit.
Reformatted by Reuven Brauner, Raanana 5771
SEDER ZERA‘IM (Seeds: 11 tractates)
Berakoth (Benedictions: 9 chapters, 64 folios) 01a Brochos 2a-31b 01b Brochos 32a-64a
Pe‘ah (Corner: 8 chapters) 02 Pei'oh
Demai (Doubtful: 7 chapters) 03 Demai
Kil‘ayim (Mixtures: 9 chapters) 04 Kilayim
Shebi‘ith (Seventh: 10 chapters) 05 Shevi'is
Terumoth (Heave Offerings: 11 Chapters) 06 Trumos
Ma‘aseroth (Tithes: 5 chapters) 07 Ma'aseros
Ma‘aser Sheni (Second Tithe: 5 chapters) 08 Ma'aser Sheini
Hallah (Dough 4 chapters) 09 Challoh
‘Orlah ('Uncircumcision', sc. of trees: 3 chapters) 10 Orlah
Bikkurim (First Fruits: 4 chapters, 4 folios) 11 Bikkurim

SEDER MO‘ED (Appointed Seasons: 12 tractates)
Shabbath (Sabbath: 24 chapters, 157 folios) 12a Shabbos 2a-31b 12b Shabbos 35a-65b 12c Shabbos 66a-100b 12d Shabbos 101a-129b 12e Shabbos 130a-157b
‘Erubin (Blendings: 9 chapters, 105 folios) 13a Eruvin 2a-26b 13b Eruvin 27a-52b 13c Eruvin 53a-79a 13d Eruvin 79b-105b
Pesahim (Paschal Lambs: 10 chapters, 121 folios) 14a Pesochim 2a-32b 14b Pesochim 33a-60a 14c Pesochim 60b-86b 14d Pesochim 87a-121b
Yoma (The Day: 8 chapters, 88 folios) 15a Yoma 2a-27b 15b Yoma 28a-61b 15c Yoma 62a-88a
Sukkah (Booth: 5 chapters, 56 folios) 16a Succah 2a-29a 16b Succah 29b-56b
Bezah (Egg: 5 chapters, 40 folios) 17 Beitzoh 2a-40b
Rosh Hashana (New Year: 4 chapters, 35 folios) 18 Rosh Hashanna 2a-35a
Ta‘anith (Fast: 4 chapters, 31 folios) 19 Ta'anis 2a-31a
Shekalim (Shekels: 8 chapters) 20 Shekolim
Megillah (The Scroll: 4 chapters, 32 folios) 21 Megillah 2a-32a
Mo‘ed Katan (Minor Feast: 3 chapters, 29 folios) 22 Mo'ed Koton 2a-29a
Hagigah (Festival-Offering: 3 chapters, 27 folios) 23 Chagigah 2a-27a

SEDER NASHIM (Women: 7 tractates)
Yebamoth (Sisters-in-law: 16 chapters, 122 folios) 24a Yevomos 2a-19b 24b Yevomos 20a-40b 24c Yevomos 41a-63b 24d Yevomos 64a-86b 24e Yevomos 87a-106b 24f Yevomos 107a-122b
Kethuboth (Marriage Settlements: 8 chapters, 112 folios) 25a Kesuvos 2a-28b 25b Kesuvos 29a-54a 25c Kesuvos 54-77b 25d Kesuvos 78a-112a
Nedarim (Vows: 9 chapters, 91 folios) 26a Nedorim 2a-45a 26b Nedorim 45b-91b
Nazir (Nazirite: 9 chapters, 66 folios) 27 Nozir 2a-66b
Sotah (Suspected Adulteress: 9 chapters, 49 folios) 28 Sotah 2a-49b
Gittin (Bills of Divorcement: 9 chapters, 90 folios) 29a Gittin 2a-48a 29b Gittin 48b-90b
Kiddushin (Consecrations: 4 chapters, 82 folios) 30a Kiddushin 2a-40b 30b Kiddushin 41a-82b

SEDER NEZIKIN (Damage: 10 tractates)
Baba Kamma (First gate: 10 chapters, 119 folios) 31a Baba Kamma 2a-31a 31b Baba Kamma 31b-62b 31c Baba Kamma 62b-93a 31d Baba Kamma 93b-119b
Baba Mezi‘a (Middle gate: 10 chapters, 119 folios) 32a Baba Metziah 2a-28a 32b Baba Metziah 28b-58a 32c Baba Metziah 58b-90b 32d Baba Metziah 91a-119a
Baba Bathra (Last gate: 10 chapters, 176 folios) 33a Baba Basra 2a-35b 33b Baba Basra 36a-77b 33c Baba Basra 78a-113a 33d Baba Basra 113b-145b 33e Baba Basra 146a-176b
Sanhedrin (Court of Justice: 11 chapters, 113 folios) 34a Sanhedrin 2a-25a 34b Sanhedrin 25b-45b 34c Sanhedrin 46a-66b 34d Sanhedrin 67a-92b 34e Sanhedrin 93a-113b
‘Abodah Zarah (Strange Worship: 5 chapters, 76 folios) 35a Avodoh Zoroh 2a-35b 35b Avodoh Zoroh 36a-76b
Horayoth (Rulings: 3 chapters, 14 folios) 36 Horiyos
Shebu‘oth (Oaths: 8 chapters, 49 folios) 37a Shevuos 2a-28b 37b Shevuos 29a-49b
Makkoth (Floggings: 3 chapters, 24 folios) 38 Makkos
‘Eduyyoth (Testimonies: 8 chapters) 39 Eiduyos
Aboth (Fathers: 6 chapters) 40 Ovos

SEDER KODASHIM (Holy Things: 11 tractates)
Zebahim (Animal-offerings: 13 chapters, 120 folios) 41a Zevochim 2a-27b 41b Zevochim 28a-56b 41c Zevochim 57a-91a 41d Zevochim 91b-128b
Menahoth (Meal-offerings: 13 chapters, 110 folios) 42a Menochos 2a-26b 42b Menochos 27a-58b 42c Menochos 59a-86a 42d Menochos 86b-110a
Hullin (Non-holy: 11 chapters, 142 folios) 43a Chullin 2a-30b 43b Chullin 31a-60b 43c Chullin 61a-89a 43d Chullin 89b-120a 43e Chullin 120b-142a
Bekoroth (Firstlings: 9 chapters, 61 folios) 44a Bechoros 2a-31a 44b Bechoros 31b-61a
‘Arakin (Estimations: 9 chapters, 34 folios) 45 Arachin
Temurah (Substitution: 7 chapters, 34 folios) 46 Temurah
Kerithoth (Excisions: 6 chapters, 28 folios) 47 Krisos
Me‘ilah (Trespass: 6 chapters, 22 folios) 48 Me'iloh
Tamid (The Continual [Offering]: 7 chapters, 33 folios) 49 Tomid
Middoth (Dimensions: 5 chapters) 50 Middos
Kinnim ([Bird-]nests: 3 chapters) 51 Kinnim

SEDER TOHOROTH (Cleannesses: 12 tractates)
Niddah (The Menstruant: 10 chapters, 73 folios) 52a Niddoh 2a-23a 52b Niddoh 23b-48a 52c Niddoh 48b-73a
Kelim (Vessels: 30 chapters) 53 Keilim
Oholoth (Tents: 18 chapters) 54 Oholos
Nega‘im (Leprosy: 14 chapters) 55 Nego'im
Parah (Heifer: 12 chapters) 56 Poroh
Tohoroth (Cleannesses: 10 chapters) 57 Tohoros
Mikwa'oth (Pools of Immersion: 10 chapters) 58 Mikva'os
Makshirin (Predispositions 6 chapters) 59 Machshirin
Zabim (They That Suffer Flux: 5 chapters) 60 Zavim
Tebul Yom (Immersed at Day Time: 6 chapters) 61 Tevul Yom
Yadayim (Hands: 4 chapters, 26 pages) 62 Yodoyim
Ukzin (Stalks: 3 chapters) 63 Uktzin

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