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Ehud Netzer Publications Available to Public from the BAS

Ehud Netzer Publications Available to Public  from the BAS

Ehud Netzer, a prominent Israeli archaeologist and the world’s leading authority on Herodian architecture, died on October 27, 2010 from a fall at Herodium, where he had been digging for 38 years in search of Herod’s tomb. Herod the Great was the ancient world’s builder par excellence. Netzer described Herod as “a king who lived and breathed the art of construction, deeply understood its ways and, quite simply, loved to build.” One might fairly say that Ehud Netzer himself lived and breathed the man and the works of Herod.

In his long career, Netzer worked at Herodium, Jericho, Masada and numerous other sites, including Hazor, Sepphoris, Caesarea and Jerusalem. A member of Biblical Archaeology Review’s editorial advisory board for 30 years, he frequently wrote for the magazine. In February 2013, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem opened a new exhibit on the journeys of two men separated by 2,000 years. One was the funeral procession of King Herod the Great; the other was the life work of Ehud Netzer.

In a commemoration of the scholarship of Ehud Netzer, Biblical Archaeology Society has made a special collection of his groundbreaking scholarship from the BAS Library available for free. This collection includes the posthumously published “In Search of Herod’s Tomb,” a piece that sits at the heart of the Israel Museum exhibit Herod the Great—The King’s Final Journey.

BAS Publications by Herodian Scholar and Archaeologist Ehud Netzer (click titles to read)

In Search of Herod’s Tomb

BAR 37:01, Jan/Feb 2011
by Ehud Netzer

A New Reconstruction of Paul’s Prison

BAR 35:01, Jan/Feb 2009
by Ehud Netzer

Floating in the Desert

Archaeology Odyssey 2:01, Winter 1999
by Ehud Netzer

Uncovering Herod’s Seaside Palace

BAR 19:03, May/Jun 1993
By Barbara Burrell, Kathryn Gleason and Ehud Netzer

New Mosaic Art from Sepphoris

BAR 18:06, Nov/Dec 1992
By Ehud Netzer and Zeev Weiss

The Last Days and Hours at Masada Found at Dan

BAR 17:06, Nov/Dec 1991
By Ehud Netzer

Jewish Rebels Dig Strategic Tunnel System

BAR 14:04, Jul/Aug 1988
By Ehud Netzer

Herod’s Family Tomb in Jerusalem

BAR 9:03, May/Jun 1983
By Ehud Netzer

BAR Readers Restore and Preserve Herodian Jericho

BAR 4:04, Nov/Dec 1978
By Ehud Netzer

See a Biblical Archaeology Society web-exclusive slideshow gallery from the Herod the Great—The King’s Final Journey exhibit at the Israel Museum, along with Suzanne F. Singer’s exhibit review.

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