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Semitic Inscriptions

Semitic Inscriptions Sémitiques
This website is a database of ancient texts written in Semitic languages and inscribed on various media: tablets, potteries, manuscripts, etc. 
It grants direct access to all kinds of information about these inscriptions: their origin, their age, their script... And of course,  most importantly, the text itself, analyzed, translated, and annotated.
Our website uses fonts based on the Unicode standard, which is compatible with most recent systems (MacOS 10+ / Windows XP+ / Linux) as long as they run a good web browser; we highly recommend the free Firefox browser, since other browsers such as Internet Explorer display errors and don't handle a number of features. Moreover, some characters will not be correctly displayed on your screen if you don't have an appropriate Unicode font. Click here to see our recommendations.
Additional features (photographs, bibliographies, saving queries, instant messaging...) require registration: click here to register. Meanwhile, you can do the following:
Latest Inscriptions
ReferencePhotographTitleLanguageInscription's dateDiscovery siteLiterary genre
WSS 3WSS 3 Face ASeal of Shebanyaw, minister of UzziahHebrew-780 — -740IsraelAdministrative > Seal
WSS 2WSS 2Seal of Shema, minister of JeroboamHebrew-790 — -750Israel > Megiddo > Court 1693Administrative > Seal
4Q2014Q201 pl.904 200710164QBook of EnochaAramaic-200 — -150Israel > Qumran > Cave 4Religious > Apocryphon > Apocalyptic
Ketef Hinnom IKetef Hinnom IPriestly BenedictionHebrew-625 — -575Israel > Jerusalem > Ketef Hinnom > Burial Chamber 25 > Square DReligious > Prayer
Ketef Hinnom IIKetef Hinnom IIPriestly BenedictionHebrew-625 — -575Israel > Jerusalem > Ketef Hinnom > Burial Chamber 25 > Square AReligious > Prayer
RS 11.872RS 11.872 Photo MO 23From the king to the queen-motherUgaritic
Ugarit > Ras ShamraCorrespondence
4Q207PAM 43.214 4Q2074QBook of EnochfAramaic-150 — -125Israel > Qumran > Cave 4Religious > Apocryphon > Apocalyptic

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