Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Numis: Digital Library of Numismatics

[First posted in AWOL 17 October 2009. Updated 3 June 2014]

DLN is dedicated to the study of numismatics and it’s main objective is to establish a major portal and open access repository for digital publications regarding coins, medals, monetary history and related subjects. 

The project was initially developed primarily to provide an extensive compilation of many rare, often beautifully illustrated numismatic classics, printed from the 16th until the early 20th century, which can be downloaded or reproduced without any copyright limitations.
But as more and more authors and publishers nowadays are starting to share open access books and essays, we also explore a continually growing amount of contemporary references available online.

DLN is in particular useful as a additional research tool for professional numismatists, but also for historians, other scholars interested in the field, branch libraries and bibliophiles.

DLN is still under heavy construction and will be updated nearly on a daily base. If you have any comments, additional resources or reports on broken links please contact webmaster : NUMIS.
The repository of DLN currently contains 2000 items, which are carefully selected for best image quality.
These can also be browsed using Google© custom search:       
Please also consult the following instructions.

v  Byzantine coins :


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